The King's Daughter


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Benjamin Walker Photo
Benjamin Walker as Yves De La Croix
Pierce Brosnan Photo
Pierce Brosnan as King Louis XIV
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Kaya Scodelario as Marie-Josephe D'Alember
Pablo Schreiber Photo
Pablo Schreiber as Dr. Labarthe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kluseba7 / 10

Welcome Escapism in Difficult Times

The King's Daughter is a fantasy drama with historical elements that was filmed eight years ago but only released now due to Chinese actress Fan Bingbing being involved in some legal issues and the ongoing pandemic making a release quite challenging. This movie impresses with lush locations and decent acting sequences. The plot remains rather shallow however and won't leave a lasting impression.

The story revolves around Marie-Joseph who grew up in a French convent by the sea. As a child and teenager, she had a rebellious attitude and didn't always respect the rules. As she becomes a young woman, she is brought to the court of the King of France. Along with her personal assistant Magali, she is amazed by the lush locations and falls in love with a fisherman called Captain Yves. Things however take a sinister turn when Marie-Joseph learns that a beautiful mermaid is supposed to be sacrificed to grant the King of France eternal life. The surprises don't stop there as the young woman discovers that the King of France is actually her father. He expects her to marry the son of a rich businessman. Marie-Joseph now must decide whether she should follow her heart and escape with the mermaid and the fisherman or follow her mind and sacrifice her ideals for her country and her King.

This movie has several strong elements that should keep viewers watching until the very end. First and foremost, the locations, settings and special effects are truly impressive. Some scenes were filmed on location in Versailles. The majestic castle and its gigantic gardens look absolutely stunning. The scenes filmed in the water cave and on the ocean also ooze with atmosphere. The skillful light effects make the settings look even more glamorous.

The acting performances are overall also very decent. Kaya Scodelario convinces as rebellious daughter of the King of France. Her performance strongly reminds of the acting chops of Kristen Stewart but she even manages to be more versatile than said icon. Pierce Brosnan also convinces as King of France and portrays a charismatic character that is perfectly balanced between selfishness and empathy, self-confidence and fear, ignorance and wisdom. William Hurt delivers the goods as resilient Père La Chaise and it's refreshing to see a member of the Catholic Church being portrayed as an empathic hero rather than a closed-minded villain once in a while.

The film however also has its share of flaws. The story is very predictable and rips off numerous fairy tales as the King's daughter falls in love with a poor fisherman and confronts her father who prefers her to marry the wealthy but superficial son of an influential businessman. The idea to include a mermaid even further transforms this movie into a childish fairy tale, especially since that element doesn't add much to the story line. Fan Bingbing who incarnates the mermaid looks heavily processed by visual computer effects and doesn't speak one single word throughout the movie. The mermaid could have really been played by any actress and Fan Bingbing's talents are certainly underused here and one has to wonder if the only reason for her to get cast was to get attention from Asian cineasts.

At the end of the day, The King's Daughter is a lush fairy tale that should especially please children and young teenagers. Especially girls and female teenagers should easily empathize with the rebellious protagonist and the exotic mermaid. As for the parents and older audiences who might watch this movie, they should simply focus on the beautiful settings and impressive special effects that have aged very well. The movie was certainly worth to be released almost eight years after it had been filmed. While The King's Daughter entertains from start to finish and offers welcome escapism in difficult times, it doesn't leave a lasting impression and doesn't exploit its full potential.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain6 / 10

Average movie, good enough as a family movie.

I like a fantasy movie every now and then but this one is just a bit too cheesy. The story isn't that great to be wowed by it. I guess as a family movie it's okay. The kids will probably enjoy it more than the adults. The acting is okay, nothing mesmerizing though. The CGI's are just average, again nothing to be thrilled about. They just didn't put much effort in writing a decent story with sloppy scenes as a result. But it's okay to watch once I guess.

Reviewed by siderite6 / 10

Worth seeing just for Pierce Brosnan as the king of France

Just look at that cast: Pierce Brosnan, magnificent as an all powerful yet decadent king, William Hurt, great as always as the king's cardinal, Kaya Scodelario, beautiful as ever, Pablo Schreiber as the villain, Rachel Griffiths in a tiny role, even Fan Bingbing as... the non talking CGI creature?! And it's a fairy tale about Louis XIV's France, shot at Versailles, featuring a mermaid! How can you get this wrong?

And wrong they got it. A complete mess where the only redeeming quality is the acting and interaction of Brosnan and Hurt. It's not unwatchable, but a clear failure. And I get it, really. It's not easy to basically do a Disney film (mermaid, pirates, princesses, pompous figures in fancy clothes) in 2015, especially on a budget and with your parent company delaying the release for seven years. But they could have tried harder, made it a two parter, given the characters time to grow and for the viewers to get attached to them. Instead it feels like a bed time story read by a tired parent who just wants to go to sleep.

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