The Janky Promoters


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Gabrielle Dennis as Female Fan
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Ice Cube as Russell Redds
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O'Shea Jackson Jr. as DJ Dolla
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Tiffany Haddish as Michelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OutsideHollywoodLand2 / 10

Bad to the Bone

I like Ice Cube - hell, everyone likes Ice Cube. Crossing over from the rap / hip hop music genre, this likable hardcore rapper surprised everyone by stepping into a promising film career that begun in the 1990s with Boyz n the Hood. A bankable actor, writer, director, and producer, who's specialized in snappy hip movies and predictable family fare, Ice Cube continues to make us wonder just what he'll do next.

This is one film that probably read much better in the early stages of creation. The Janky Promoters is so bad that one feels sorry for the cast – themselves all pretty much MIScast, who had to suffer through Marcus Raboy's tame direction and Cube's weak screenplay. Janky might have done better with the star behind the camera and some solid actors sprinkled among the novice cast.

And someone should tell executive producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein to stop profiling when casting movies with an urban setting and an African-American story. The Janky Promoters is replete with one stereotype after another, from the big-booty slut to the one-dimensional rapper Bow Wow parody. Enough already! Thankfully, many of Ice Cube's better moments can be rented, especially my favorite, the Friday trilogy. And it's nice to know that we can still look forward to other Cube experiences, hopefully chosen more wisely.

Reviewed by xfx546 / 10

Fun movie

I watched this movie hoping the negative reviews were making it sound worse than it really is, and I was right. The movie is actually a good movie, or pretty decent. I didn't expect this film to be like the Friday films, which I also am a big fan of. But instead, just watched it because I like Ice Cube and Mike Epps. Being a fan of both, this movie was just more clowning, good story, and funny entertainment. I don't know why people are saying its stereotypical. I mean, who cares.. its just fun.

Nice character development and overall well written. Its got its high and low moments, and an ending that is kinda predictable but I didn't think that took away anything from the film. If you like Ice Cube and Mike Epps, give it a watch.

Reviewed by Buddy-516 / 10

reasonably entertaining satire

Racial stereotypes and the accoutrements of hip-hop culture come in for some gentle ribbing in "Janky Promoters," a fairly innocuous though still relatively entertaining comedy written by and starring Ice Cube.

It's a tale of two second-rate music promoters (Ice Cube and Mike Epps) trying to stage a rap concert in Modesto, California, and the many personal and financial hurdles they have to jump over to pull it off. It's not a slashing satire by any stretch of the imagination, but a game cast (including an entertaining Young Jeezy who brings a great deal of charm to his portrayal of himself) and a few genuinely funny moments make up for its overall blandness.

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