From Justin to Kelly


Action / Comedy / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled39%
IMDb Rating1.91026495


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caspian19782 / 10

Beach Blanket Bingo

This movie is terrible because it was made 40 years too late. The American Idol hype fueled the studios ambition to crank out a quick blah blah story about Justin and Kelly. The end result, a soup sandwich with no audience. The fact that what works on television doesn't always work on the "big screen," is true in the case of From Justin to Kelly. The production value is professional and many of the dance numbers took long hours and hours to practice and to get right. Still, nobody cares. The movie itself (on paper) was a joke to begin with. There are only a handful of lines worth hearing through this 90 minute movie. The rest can be considered pop-culture junk or better yet, left overs that nobody wants to have for dinner.

Reviewed by utgard141 / 10

"I'm from Texas, I've seen bigger."

I was never into American Idol so I came to this late. I like Kelly Clarkson's music but I knew of the reputation this film had so I figured I'd best steer clear of what seemed like an obvious trainwreck. Finally I decided to check it out and boy was it every bit as bad as its reputation suggests. The movie is basically like a '60s Frankie and Annette beach movie updated to the present day. Frankie and Annette having been replaced now by Justin Guarini (who?) and Kelly Clarkson. Guarini, the runner-up from the first season of American Idol that Clarkson won, has the worst hair and smiles nonstop. His acting is awful but, to be fair, so is everybody else's. Including Kelly, I'm sad to say. The two leads have no chemistry and their romance is about as forced as you can imagine a movie built around the two finalists from a singing competition would be. The music is terrible pre-packaged generic pop crap. Not a single song is worth remembering. It's a terrible movie made with poor intentions and not the slightest bit of artistry. Crass commercialism at its lowest. Avoid unless you want to see one of the worst mainstream movies of all time.

Reviewed by MartinHafer1 / 10

This film brings a new and greater meaning to shallowness!

Okay, here's the plot. Three girls go to Spring Break to get laid. Three boys go to Spring Break to get laid. End of movie. Wow, this film brings a new level of shallowness that I've never seen before. Heck, most porno films have deeper plots and greater connections between the characters! And, there during rutting season, they all sing, dance and spout dialog that I assume must have been written by a 6 year-old or perhaps a lemur.

Alright, the film is a TINY bit deeper but not much. Justin (who could really use a hair makeover) sees Kelly at the beach and suddenly his years of having meaningless sex with whores is over. Eventually, Justin (who is just a horny pig) and sweet Kelly somehow get together--though they have absolutely NOTHING in common and ZERO chemistry. None of this makes any sense at all and is just infuriating. After all, other than STDs, what do these two have in common?! There are other pairings that occur with each of the six main characters, but none of them make any sense and none of their stories are the least big compelling. In fact, I just wanted them all to die...painfully...and slowly.

As for the characters, they are all caricatures. You cannot imagine these people hanging out together existing in the real world. The three guys consist of the computer nerd who is a virgin and his two horn-dog friends. Why would they be together?! This makes no sense. The girls consist of two horn-dog girls (one is Black...this is SO enlightened) and a virgin. Again, why would they hang together with such ridiculously different values?! Players and hos and geeks....that's all there seems to be with this film. With words such as 'hotties', 'studs' and 'whipped cream', this film is insulting, demeaning and completely value-less. And who would like this movie? If you are a total perv, you won't like it because there is no sex or nudity despite the sexually charged plot. If you have any sense a self-worth or values, you won't want to sit and listen to a bunch of shallow slugs talking non-stop about sex...and not much else.

Overall, a sleazy, valueless mess. Everyone is a sleaze-bag--and they sing and dance more than folks in a typical Bollywood musical! There is nothing to like or appreciate about the film--just a bunch of talentless jerks and it reaches a level of shallowness that would probably make even Paris Hilton cringe. Not surprisingly, the film is ranked #23 among the Bottom 100 on IMDb--a position that it clearly deserved.

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