The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

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Simon Pegg as Buck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by isaacochoterena1 / 10

Terribly horrendous

This movie ruins the whole saga.

The story is forced and absurd and its development makes no sense, just as the main conflict is unnecessary. The animation is horrible, it is of very low quality despite the fact that the production company is very powerful and millionaire. The character development is poor, the writers completely forgot about important characters from the past movies, and the new characters they introduce don't make much sense for them to be included, just as there are no indications of at what point in the timeline of the entire saga this sixth installment is located. The humor is creepy, the story gets boring at the end as it's predictable and not surprising or different, the main conflict doesn't make any sense.

It's a lousy movie plot-wise and visually ugly, it's just not worth it.

Reviewed by amur-140711 / 10


Disney needs to give this franchise back to its rightful owner: blue sky studios. This would've gotten a 1 because everything is god awful. Animation, new voice actors, the villain, the story, and the fact that Buck isn't even the main character!! The ONLY reason it gets a 2 is because Justina Machado voices one of the new characters. Disney, please hand it back to BSS. Because this movie was just a bunch of BS.

Update: actually did give it a 1 now. I got 40 mins in and it made my tv have a breakdown and now I have to take it back to Best Buy. Should be called "the ice age adventures of toronavirus (tv variant of coronavirus).

Reviewed by acanacox1 / 10

Wow really?

So you've made another movie but without the original artists and voice actors?!!!!!! Pa-thetic! Why why why?! Only one person came back that was an original voice actor.

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