The Holiday Stocking


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Tamala Jones as Marlow
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B.J. Britt as RJ
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Nadine Ellis as Dani Holiday
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Reviewed by rebekahrox8 / 10

An Angel to the Rescue.

A family of a mother, 2 daughters, and a son, are excited about their tradition of pulling out a Christmas riddle from their special Holiday stocking. Whoever solves it first gets to pick out the charity the family as a whole will participate in. 5 stockings, 5 charities. Even though they have their differences, working together for others at Christmas always brought them together. Thirty or so years later, the brother has died and is about to enter heaven. But first, he is allowed to try to correct his biggest regret, the estrangement of his sisters who have grown apart over the years. In fact, because of long nursed grievances and being too busy with their separate businesses, they are actively hostile and don't speak. Robert has 12 days (the boss has a thing for the number 12) to bring them back together. He is allowed to come back to earth to fix matters and decides to get them to participate in their old Christmas tradition. But nothing doing. Dani is too busy with being the owner of the biggest black-owned marketing firm in Chicago and Marlow is too busy trying to make her bakery a success. Charity work is not even a stray pen mark on the to-do list. That is until Dani is on the verge of losing a big business opportunity due to no community giving or participation, and Marlow realizes that her daughter Gia is becoming a mercenary self-involved little brat. They both agree to participate in the holiday tradition, led by the executor of the dead Robert's will, RJ Angel, who is really dead brother Robert in disguise.

The journey to the sisters becoming family again, Gia becoming a good kid, Marlow's marriage getting a kick in the pants, and a little romance entering all three ladies' lives, is very entertaining. It is well-paced, and full of humor, tender moments, and angst. The road to reconciliation is not always smooth, and of course, we have the climatic drama with about a half hour to go in the movie to get over, but all their lives are on the right path at the end. There is a shocker at the end involving CEO Dani that I didn't see coming, and even dead Robert has a personal revelation that needs some tending to. Penned by prolific black scriptwriter and sometime novelist Cass Sigers-Beedles and directed by Tyler Perry's first assistant director, Roger M. Bobb, this movie was in the best of hands and it showed on screen. I had never heard of any of the female actors but they were all fantastic, particularly Tamala Jones as Marlow.

Reviewed by HallmarkJenny10 / 10

Emotional, Fun & Reminds us of what Christmas is About

What a lovely Holiday film to remind us of giving, family, and forgiveness! The siblings are all fully-formed people with real-life issues, like marital problems, exhaustion from long work hours, money issues and loneliness. The sibling reunion 100% made me tear up, truly capturing how special family is.

The Holiday Stocking Summary The Holiday family with two sisters and one brother have a tradition of The Holiday Stocking: 5 searches with 5 riddles and 5 good deeds done as a family. Decades later, the siblings have drifted apart and Robert, the brother, has passed away. He returns to earth as an angel to reunite the sisters through their family holiday tradition, The Holiday Stocking.

Holiday Stocking Tradition The stocking contains five searches, five riddles and five good deeds done as a family as there are five family members in the Holiday family.

Whoever finds the holiday stocking first gets to read the Holiday Riddle. Whoever guesses the riddle gets to pick the good deed that the family does.

The riddle as young children we witness is buying coats and give them to the homeless.

Decades later, the brother, Robert passes away and disguises himself as an angel, RJ

His mission is to reunite estranged sisters to participate in The Holiday Stocking and serve Friends of Chicago.

Reviewed by montgomerysue9 / 10

really pretty wonderful

Yes, this is another movie where an angel goes back to earth to resolve a problem from the angel's past life - this time, it's reuniting his estranged sisters.

But, this really works because of the really fine writing by Cas Sigers-Beedles which is sharp, with realistic dialogue and enough twists and laughs to keep the story really interesting and fun to watch. It also works because the acting is excellent - the leads: Tamala Jones, Nadine Ellis, and a wonderful B. J Britt as the angel, are just terrific, and the rest of the cast supports them with nice performances as well. It's all here - humor, warmth, some spark, a little intrigue, and a little sadness, all played by the cast with sincerity, spirit, and genuine feeling.

A pleasure to watch all around.

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