The Gunfighter


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation6 / 10

Funny and sleazy western parody

"The Gunfighter" is a 9-minute award-winning western comedy short film from last year. The title character steps into a bar and we hear the narrator telling us what is happening. However, he is not only telling us as the people inside the western bar can also hear what he says. So we find out pretty much for the rest of the movie who did it with whom and in the end, it seems everybody is angry at everybody because they have been sleeping with each other's sisters, wives and sheep. The narrator is Nick Offerman, so this may be a particularly interesting watch for fans of "Parks & Recreation". I do not know any of the actors in here, which may have hurt my viewing experience a bit as it was simply too fast to know who is who. However, it was a decent watch nonetheless and even if it was the same joke for the entire film, it was not yet at a point where it had dragged. Maybe this could have been the case at the 15-minute mark. Anyway, the director here is Eric Kissack, a prolific editor, for example on Sacha Baron Cohen's works. Good little movie and I recommend it.

Reviewed by cherold9 / 10

happened upon this and it's great

I watched something on youtube and then this popped up as a suggestion with one of those ridiculous click-bait titles like "FUNNIEST THING EVER" which I know to ignore. But I was bored so I hit play.

It's a simple set up; a western where a guy walks into a bar while a narrator explains his purpose. Only everyone in the bar hears the narrator. From there it just gets crazier and crazier, and is super funny and clever. It really is one of the best shorts I've seen on YouTube.

Reviewed by MrGKB10 / 10

It told a lone joke...

...almost as dusty as the streets it walked in from, but it told it with style and impeccable craftsmanship.

"Did not!"

Oh, yes, it did. And it made its viewers smile, and occasionally laugh.

"It didn't!"

Did, too. Plus an occasional guffaw.

"Nobody guffaws any more. You don't know what you're talking about!"

Perhaps not. Nonetheless, you'll be doing yourself a favor by seeking it out on YouTube---

"That's a purloined copy!"

Fine. Go look for it on Vimeo, then. You won't be sorry. It truly is worth the effort. Don't take my voice-over for it; see for yourself.

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