Support Your Local Gunfighter


Action / Comedy / Romance / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10

Good, but not up to the quality standards of SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF

This film came out two years after SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF. Aside from having very similar titles, both starred James Garner, Harry Morgan and Jack Elam in very similar roles, and the plot itself was so close to the first film it made me wonder why they didn't try something a little more original. Oddly, despite all the similarities, this second film was actually written long before they even made SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF. However, because of the extreme similarity of the films, I really can't rate SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTER any higher--though it's still a nice little Western-comedy.

James Garner's character is a bit more amoral and weasel-like in this film as he plays a clever con man determined to take advantage of a war brewing between rival mine owners (Harry Morgan and John Dehner). His plan is to pretend that his new-found bumbling sidekick (Elam) is the dreaded gunman, Swifty Morgan and capitalize on how much everyone fears this famous hired gun. The problem is that eventually, the REAL Morgan comes to town and it looks bad for Garner and Elam.

While the script was pretty good, there was one big difference about this film that I really disliked. In SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF, the female lead was played by Joan Hackett and she was a total kook--a lovable kook, but a kook nonetheless. Here, Susan Pleshette plays a woman who is rather psychotic and IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE--someone who would have been institutionalized or killed--not someone who would win the man's hand at the end of the film!! Her psychotic outbursts simply weren't funny and really hindered the film whenever she appeared. While I loved Ms. Pleshette in many roles, this one was simply beneath her. As a result of this and the repetitive quality of the film, it's not a film you must see but more of a likable time-passer. Do yourself a favor and see SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF and only see this second film if you feel you need a lot more of the same.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Also worth supporting

Really enjoyed 'Support Your Local Sheriff' when watching it during a much needed quiet afternoon, it was enormously entertaining, very affectionate and made with very clear love for the western genre. It was hard to resist a cast with the talent that it had, and despite not really warming to Joan Hackett they all did wonderfully. So there was no doubt about seeing 'Support Your Local Gunfighter', also directed by Burt Kennedy and with James Garner and Jack Elam returning.

Despite the title suggesting that it is a sequel, 'Support Your Local Gunfighter' isn't really. Other than having the same director and a few cast members returning, the only other thing in common is the tone with its comedic spoof approach. Comparing the two, 'Supprt Your Local Gunfighter' isn't as good and doesn't handle some of its elements as well or as consistently. It is still a good deal of fun though, with much to enjoy, and have no regrets at all watching it.

The comic timing is sharper in 'Support Your Local Sheriff' and the gags funnier. 'Gunfighter' still entertains a lot, but it isn't as smooth and tries a little too hard in spots. There is a running gag too that wears out its welcome too early, straining for laughs and only raises a small smile at best at first.

'Gunfighter's' characters were far more likeable in 'Sheriff's' while still interesting, was there any need for Suzanne Pleshette's heroine to be as psychotic-like? Am still not sure about the music, it fits tonally but with what goes on not quite so much always.

However, 'Gunfighter' looks good with handsome production design and scenery especially. The script is still witty and has enough very entertaining moments. Jack Elam's final speech is a gem and his final line is one of the funniest in US screen comedy perhaps. The pace is generally lively and the story clever, the affectionate tone again present. Could definitely tell that 'Gunfighter' was made and directed by somebody that loved and understood the western genre, treating it with respect without taking it too seriously.

James Garner is charismatic and easy going, if not having the same amount of charm as before. Pleshette does her best with what she was given and Chuck Connors is formidable in his role (Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan in 'Sheriff' made more of an impression though). Harry Morgan has great comic timing and looks as though he was enjoying himself, but it is Elam, a joy here, who steals the film.

Overall, not as good but well done. 7/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing9 / 10

"Fire In The Hole"

Support Your Local Gunfighter is not a sequel to Support Your Local Sheriff. Nor is it a film taking a look at how the other half lives in the wild west of Hollywood. But what it is is a rollicking good comedy with a cast of some of the best players around.

Burt Kennedy brought over a whole flock of people from the other 'Support' film starting with James Garner and Jack Elam. Garner had patented playing cynical con men starting with Maverick on television. He's certainly showed he's got the acting chops to play serious parts. But he keeps getting cast as these conman comics because he's so darn good at it.

As for Jack Elam, he became an almost permanent fixture in Burt Kennedy projects as a result of Support Your Local Sheriff. Talk about making lemonade out of a lemon. Elam first used his blind eye to great effect playing psychotic killers when he first broke into acting. But in the sixties he began using that same look for comedy and never really played serious after becoming a Burt Kennedy regular.

Garner and Elam are a pair of amiable drifters who wind up in a mining town called Purgatory. There's a pair of rival mine owners, Harry Morgan and John Dehner who are tunneling under the town to reach the mother lode vein of gold that will make one of them fabulously wealthy. Dehner's purportedly sent for a notorious gunman and Morgan and his partners think it could be Garner. It isn't, but Garner and Elam play it for all it's worth.

Suzanne Pleshette steps into the Calamity Jane wannabe part that Joan Hackett did in Support Your Local Sheriff and Pleshette does it most effectively. Joan Blondell and Marie Windsor are a pair of bordello madams each courted by Garner at one time. Hell hath no fury like a jilted madam. You've got to see Garner with that line about a spur and a dying cowhand's last wish.

Even Chuck Connors as the real gunfighter playing it absolutely straight comes in for some good laughs. But I do like Harry Morgan courting Dehner's old maid sister Ellen Corby, love isn't just for the young, the two show love isn't just for the young.

The ending; to bizarre for words, worthy of Mel Brooks. You have to see Support Your Local Gunfighter to believe it.

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