The Guest


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Maika Monroe Photo
Maika Monroe as Anna Peterson
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Dan Stevens as "David"
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Lance Reddick as Major Carver
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Ethan Embry as Higgings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMarwood7 / 10

Very amusing B material

The only thing surprising in The Guest is just how straight forward it is in its simple plotting. Everything unfolds in predictable fashion, but this B material is a fantastic showcase of wicked humor and misanthropic violence. Dan Stevens is in excellent form here, as a mysterious soldier who shows up unannounced at a family's home of a fallen soldier he served with. He's all smiles and very polite, but people with a usually negative connection with this family start meeting grisly ends. Like in his previous film You're Next, Adam Wingard approaches plotting you've seen a million times and wittily turns it on its ear without ever being too self aware. It's a shame Picturehouse who acquired the US rights dumped the film in a handful of theaters without trying to capitalize on the strong reviews and never bothered to expand it theatrically. The Guest is a quick fun time that knows exactly what it is and delivers without overstaying its welcome.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Nice little horror/thriller combo

THE GUEST is a fun, if derivative, little movie from Adam Wingard, the guy who also brought us the familiar-yet-entertaining YOU'RE NEXT. It's a belated addition to that whole psycho-thriller sub-genre of the 1990s in which ordinary families were menaced by mysterious forces, and it achieves plenty on what is clearly a tight budget.

There are shades of THE TERMINATOR and the BOURNE trilogy here and it has to be said that the story is simplistic and straightforward. The denouement will surprise nobody, for example. However, like DRIVE before it, THE GUEST is all about the execution. It looks cool, it looks stylish, and it sounds cool too thanks to that thumping soundtrack. Dan Stevens is excellent as the suave and sophisticated guy who turns up to make a few waves, and Maika Monroe shows some of the promise that she displayed in IT FOLLOWS. Plus we get Lance Reddick, being exceptionally good again after his turn in JOHN WICK.

In fact, THE GUEST has quite a lot in common with IT FOLLOWS, especially the horror-style unfolding of the plot. These films share likable young cast members and a fresh feel despite the familiarities of the situations in which the characters find themselves. Certainly nothing about THE GUEST is original, yet it's thoroughly entertaining at the same time. And that's all I need from a movie.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

good not great

Laura Peterson is home alone when a stranger shows up at her door. He claims to be David Collins (Dan Stevens),an Army friend of her late son Caleb who died in Afghanistan. She invites him into her home. Soon, his outrageous ways start influencing the various family members.

I really like Dan Stevens as the crazy guest in a psychological thriller. The incident with the football team at the bar is perfect. I'm rolling with a slow descend into a dysfunctional family chaos. Instead, the movie adds an outside military story. I am less impressed with turning this into a shoot them up. By doing that, David's interesting psychological disturbance becomes an experiment gone wrong. In some ways, it's less scary. This is good but it could have been great.

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