The Devil Conspiracy


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled51%
IMDb Rating4.510389

jesus christsupernatural horror

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Peter Mensah as Archangel Michael
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Joe Anderson as Lucifer
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James Faulkner as Cardinal Vincini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by etool2 / 10

Bonkers Plot Executed Poorly

This movie has an absolutely bonkers plot but it's not even fun to watch due to the poor execution. The lighting is so dark and the editing is so frantic during the "action" scenes that you can't tell what is even going on. The special effects used for the demons and the design of Satan is lame, when you somehow are able to see them. The gore effects are just downright lazy. The bad direction leads to cheesy performances from the entire cast. The score is bland. Every time this movie seems like it's going to go crazy and do something fun with its premise, the movie almost stops itself. The movie is only 111 minutes yet it feels bloated. Also the movie takes itself too seriously, even though there are scenes that are unintentionally funny, and it would work a lot better as an action horror comedy. I don't know why whatever studio put this stinker out decided to release this in theaters.

Reviewed by willandcharlenebrown6 / 10

Such a genius script and storyline

The fact we know cloning is here and no longer a thought, combined with the storyline (if you believe in God and the Devil and Jesus) of cloning Jesus makes your mind open up to a whole new world. Whoever thought of this script should be commended! In a world of remakes and super hero bombardment, this is so refreshing and an authentic thought. I do wish the storyline had been more coherent and some cheesy parts taken out, but that's ok. They had me at SCRIPT. I don't foresee a sequel coming out and the ratings will most likely settle around 4.5-5.5 but I am giving it a 6 because it deserves it on originality alone!

Reviewed by FeastMode6 / 10

Visually and musically delightful

I went into The Devil Conspiracy knowing nothing about it, without watching any trailers. This is a perfect example of why I love that strategy. The movie starts with a breathtaking opening scene that made me think, "omg, what am I watching?" And it's filled with really weird and different scenes, things I feel like I've never seen before.

By far the best qualities are the music and the visuals. I love the musical score. It's not just one or two themes, it's awesome from beginning to end. And it's featured prominently. The visuals are frequently stunning. Numerous shots had my jaw dropped.

This movie is also flawed in many ways. There are a few stupid parts, even a couple that unintentionally made me laugh. Not everything works or feels smooth. I wish Peter Mensah had more screentime, I feel like he could have brought more to the role after loving what he did in Spartacus.

But the biggest downside by far is the lack of escalation to a climax. There is barely a climax to speak of. The entire movie is cranked up to turbo mode, but it stays at that level through to the end. It never kicks into overdrive. It would have taken the movie to another level for me.

I still had a good time with this unique and fun experience. I'll probably watch it again at some point and hope to see continued attempts at crazy movies like this. (1 viewing, opening Saturday 1/14/2023)

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