Scream at the Devil


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by nogodnomasters5 / 10


Mirium Jones (Shari Shattuck) is in Venice and prays claiming she would do anything to have a baby and looks like she has a slight case of demonic possession. However we don't know that for sure as she is a bit schizophrenic. Her husband Gabriel (Eric Etebari) likes old cars, the bottle, and women who aren't certifiable. We see Mirium going mad and hallucinating, or not, as the audience doesn't know what is real or not real. Tony Todd has a minor role and appears 73 minutes into the film which sets up for a sequel where his role could expand.

I liked the selection of the names. There are women who look like they are part of a Rosemary's Baby coven, including the token hot Asian chick (Jane Park Smith). The DVD cover picture doesn't appear in the film. We get to watch a drama of a failed relationship, that wasn't that great and then we watch a woman do crazy stuff as she walks around at night with a gun and a flashlight because she lives in a nation that allows crazy people to be armed with flashlights. She also likes to wake up in the tub and run around in a top and panties. However that was not enough to carry the film. Had potential.

Guide: F-word, rape. No nudity other than side-breast.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca1 / 10

Don't watch it!

SCREAM AT THE DEVIL is an awful and pointless independent horror production. The cover has been designed to make it look like your standard possession flick, but this is nothing like. Instead it's the humdrum tale of your ordinary housewife who begins to suffer from mental illness and finds herself assailed by weird, demonic visions and other phenomena.

I'm not sure what the market is for a film like this, which so obviously must have been a non-starter for those making it. It lacks a single sympathetic character in the whole cast and for 90% of the running time the viewer is saddled with the below-par acting of Shari Shattuck, an ageing former TV star who fails to hold the attention at all. Oh yeah, and Tony Todd cameos as a cop, but he's no reason to tune into this silly and pointless production.

Reviewed by ravenhair7021 / 10

I've never seen a rating this low from IMDB...2.5.

I'm watching the last of the movie as I'm typing this. I just can't take anymore of this pile of garbage...and believe me...I want to use much worse language, but I'm trying to be classy. First clue was putting it into the DVD and seeing it go straight to PLAY MOVIE. No trailers of any kind. RED FLAG. A movie is like a new book. If the first chapter doesn't grab you, the rest of the book never will. I kept an open mind, but after the first 45 minutes...and let me remind you that this movie is only 98 minutes long...I kinda gave up. Like in looking around and wondering how much longer I'd have to endure this. I also wondered how this piece of dung was green lighted in the first place. How does something like this ever make it to a group of people who put their money into something that if the screenplay is read out loud that they don't leave the room at that very moment! The only reason I gave it a 1 is that they don't have a zero! I DID see one person I knew in the film...the guy who played in the film Canyman. God...he MUST be on hard times if he actually said yes to this steaming pile of....manure. Sorry. Tried not to use that kind of language, but every man has a limit. Don't watch this trash. Don't rent this trash. Try to not look at it when you see it in the Redbox. It isn't worth your time. It's 98 minutes and a $1.60 I'll never get back. I'm gonna go get drunk and try to kill the brain cells that carry the memory of this movie!

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