The Colors of the Mountain

2010 [SPANISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright73%
IMDb Rating7.1101643

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alrodbel10 / 10

A Film Only a Documentarian Could Have Made.

Carlos César Arbeláez, the listed as the director started by making documentaries in the Nineties including Cómo llegar al cielo, El cine en casa, Casa de mujeres and Negro profundo. This was his his first fictional feature film, and his background of aiming a camera at real people and settings is clearly seen.

IMDb does not for some reason list the writer, but if you follow the link to the trailer, at the end it says "escrita y dirigida" which means that Arbelaez both wrote and directed this film; it is his baby, and how proud he should be. The dialog and actions of the characters could very well have been from a documentary, and this includes everyone from the focal adults to the incredible children and even the toddlers and the "attack" dog.

This film depicted something that we who live in an ordered political system, even if far from any ideal, never have to experience first hand, a world of eternal lethal conflict where there is no way to opt out and choose to live peacefully. The genius of this film was that the horror of this existence was seen through the innocent eyes of children, in this case who had the comfort of their simple home, family and friends. We sensed the danger around them, but felt somehow protected from it, as they did.

And their brand new soccer ball that was the gift to nine year old Manuel by his struggling farm family that was to provide pleasure to the whole gang of kids. A simple toy, that happened to fall down a ravine that while almost accessible, was in a field that had been strewn with mines by the guerrilla forces that were demanding fealty from Manuel's father.

How close was the ball to being reached and saved, as close as the vulnerable families who were beset by violence with no way to escape it. How simple and pure is a ball, a device that combined with human creativity can focus the energies of children, and of adults to crescendos of exuberance, whether in a vast stadium or a simple flat area among the hills of a desolate farm community.

A true work of rare artless art.

Reviewed by pichirry009 / 10

An excellent Colombian movie

This is an excellent Colombian movie, this film is a great Master piece. Here you can see the cruel reality for some farmers in this country when they try to live between the guerrilla and the paramilitary. It's so sad but it's a reality for thousands of farmers.

The role of this kids is excellent, they are a natural actors and you can see that real friendship between them.

In my personal opinion this is the best film from this country in the last years because this film is a little mirror in the life of "desplazados por la violencia". And this topic is very important in. These days here in my country, it's a picture of our contemporany reality.

Reviewed by Zoooma9 / 10

Genuine performances, beautifully filmed

A theme that pops up at a relatively high rate in foreign films I watch is that of children trying to go about their lives with a turbulent world all around them. This film from Colombia portrays one boy, a nine year old, and his friends who just want to play futbol after school. They just want to be kids. And isn't that what we should wish for children, to have happy, playful lives growing up? It's not so easy when guerrillas and paramilitary harass and even kill those who don't ally themselves with one side or the other. Here in this remote part of Colombia it's "Join us or we kill you" or "You're still here so you must be a bad guy, we kill you." Very difficult to live a quiet, peaceful life. Why must there be such warring violence? What can you do except try to rise above it and live... or run away to where it's safer. Here in this village, they just want to go to school and play soccer and tend to their farms. Such genuine performances in this beautifully photographed film. Children who've never acted are some of the finest actors ever thanks to a director who doesn't force acting but allows it to happen so naturally. Our story never relies on sap to evoke emotion, nor does it include over usage of violence and death to get to the point -- just life through these children and their families and their brave teacher who tries so hard to give them normalcy. If this followed the yellow brick road to shangri-la, it would have a happy, hopeful ending. Unfortunately life does not always take that road. Sad because of the circumstances surrounding our characters but a story that I so very much appreciated seeing and will most definitely watch again!

8.7 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener

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