The Christmas Chalet


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

A Christmas chalet that could have done with more magic

'The Christmas Chalet' was one of those films that was part of my Christmas film completest quest that has been happening on and off over-time after it appeared as a recommendation here earlier this year. Absolutely love Christmas, have said this quite a number of times in my reviews in the past but am trying actually to not make it as obvious now unless when challenged if a review for any Christmas film is negative. Have also liked liked Erica Durance and Robin Dunne in other things.

Saw 'The Christmas Chalet' actually with relatively mixed expectations, excepting at least some degree of heart and charm while not expecting a particularly great story or dialogue. Which is pretty much exactly how the film can be summed up. 'The Christmas Chalet' is not a must avoid and there are things that did impress me, it does take a lot for me these days to call something a must avoid, but there isn't much special about it either. Am feeling rather bad saying this and am probably going to get crucified for this review, which is going to be as reasonable as possible.

It, 'The Christmas Chalet' that is, looks good. Loved the scenery especially, regardless of any authenticity being called into question there is a festive look to it and it looks picturesque. Personally thought the photography, while never extraordinary, complemented it nicely, not overblown while not basic either. The music is a nice enough fit and is pleasant music on its own, it doesn't make as much of a mistake as other Christmas films of being used too constantly or being too loud (something that a number of Hallmark Christmas films are guilty of).

Moreover, there is a natural flow in some of the dialogue (a lot of it in the film is great though) and there are moments where it doesn't have as much of the corn or mawkish factors that some Christmas films have. The middle act warms the heart and has some "aww" moments and the characters while not complex didn't bore or annoy me. Durance and Dunne are charming leads and Damon Runyan has often done solid work and he does too. The performances are better than average on the whole, and Durance and Dunne's chemistry is sweet. The chemistry between the actors is well done on the whole even, the mother-daughter one also has spark.

However, the story on the whole could have been a lot more engaging. It has its moments, but the excessive predictability from doing nothing new with very familiar done to death ground does hurt it. As does the dull pace of the first third, which suffers from paper thin storytelling and overlong set up. In fact, the story in general felt too thin and the pace doesn't ignite enough.

Wasn't crazy about a lot of the script either, which did tend to be very cheesy and too cutesy, also didn't think it needed to be as talky. While some of it is relatable, this aspect could have been done with more subtlety and freshness.

On the whole, decent but nothing special. 6/10

Reviewed by rebekahrox7 / 10


This one started off really good with a real cynical Scrooge for the male lead and a sullen teen with a chip on her shoulder for the daughter of the divorced misunderstood mom. Lexi, the daughter, blames her mother for the divorce, because the mother has never told her that her father cheated on her. Grandma is along for the ride, and she is a real hoot. Loved her. Scrooge and the little family are double-booked into a "Christmas" chalet. But when the 3 women finally get there, Jack the Scroogy love interest has taken down all of the decorations. And so it begins. I do like Robin Tunney. And I was anticipating all of the drama when the cheating dad showing up at an inopportune moment since He was played by Damon Runyon, a Hallmark stalwart. Unfortunately it all kind of fizzled and belied a hard won character arc and redemption scene. Scrooge guy turned into Nice Guy way too easily. And Bad Husband was vanquished with nary a conflict.

Reviewed by wvugirl-407899 / 10

Great Christmas getaway!

I really enjoyed the match up of Erica Durance and Robin Dunne. Erica made 2 Christmas movies in 2019 and I enjoyed this one the most. It has the family vibe, perfect small town winter setting and the romantic worked. The mother-daughter relationships were also fun to watch.

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