The Bromley Boys


Action / Comedy

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Paul O'Kelly Photo
Paul O'Kelly as Bromley Football Player
Brenock O'Connor Photo
Brenock O'Connor as David Roberts
Martine McCutcheon Photo
Martine McCutcheon as Gertie Roberts
Alan Davies Photo
Alan Davies as Donald Roberts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies5 / 10

Soccer memories

We still call football soccer in the US and much like the metric system, most folks don't even think about it after they get out of grade school. Yet for some that love it, it becomes a way of life.

Based on the autobiographical novel by Dave Roberts, this movie recounts the author's teen years as he supported the worst football club in the country.

Brenock O'Connor (OIly from Game of Thrones) plays young David, who forgoes school and even a normal social life to follow his ailing soccer team across the country. He soon becomes part of the crew with the team's much older supporters - think the guys in the stands cheering on the Cleveland Indians in Major League - while falling for the team manager Charlie's daughter, Ruby.

While my love of soccer can be questioned, my love of a coming of age film can't. There's nothing you haven't seen before in here, but it's well-made and cute in parts. I must admit to having a set of Subbuteo soccer figures as a kid, so seeing those on Dave's desk made me smile.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw6 / 10

A charming film

Anybody who has supported a football team at non league level will recognise the characters and the emotions shown in this film. I know as I have done it. Journey across London only to see my team loose 4-1. Another reviewer said this is a right of passage film. It isn't because there is no end to the journey.. You are stuck with your team for life.

Reviewed by one9eighty7 / 10

A bit slow, but with a heart of gold

A distinctly British film, with a British theme, of one young boy's obsession with supporting a none-league football team in the 60's. Based on a novel by Dave Roberts it shows how the author obsessed about possibly the worst football team in English none-league history, Bromley FC. While young David Roberts means well, he often gets into trouble with his antics, usually getting him into trouble with his dad played by Alan Davies, while he mum, played by Martine McCuthcheon) secretly encourages him like most mums would do behind his dads back. He tried everything to not only support his team but try where possible to be involved or even improve the team he cares so dearly about. This is a charming film which relies on a simple yet effective story, acted out lovingly and convincingly. There are times where the antics seem to be signposted and potentially cringe worthy, but all the time they are harmless and fun. On occasion the film seems to slow down a little rather than keeping a frantic pace, but this doesn't detract. Ultimately this is nice and easy feel-good film that can be enjoyed with the family and doesn't take too much effort to follow it successfully. The film in many ways is like supporting a none league minnow like Bromley FC, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it may not be like the glitz and glamour of Premier League teams - but it's a fun ride and it's enjoyable all the same. 7 out of 10.

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