December Boys


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Reviewed by jemps9188 / 10

"What's the big deal about having parents anyway?"

Set in the late 60s, December Boys is a beautiful, poignant tale of adolescence and abandonment with the vast, awe-inspiring Australian outback as a backdrop, unraveled in the same vein as Stand By Me.

"What's the big deal about having parents anyway?" Maps (Daniel Radcliffe) retorts to his summer fling Lucy (Teresa Palmer). Maps is the eldest of four orphan boys who get sent for a seaside holiday with an elderly couple. Misty (Lee Cormie) is the youngest and the artistic one of the brood. Sparks (Christian Byers) is good with mechanical things, while Spit (James Fraser) is so named for what he does best.

Having been given a glimpse of what the orphans' lives have been like together, you have an idea of where Maps' trend of thought comes from. They've survived so far without parents, and they have had each other to call as family growing up. This just becomes more glaring as they interact with their host family's neighbors, and they get in an emotional competition for possible adoption that tests the limits of their brotherhood.

Unfulfilled expectations are shared by all characters regardless of age and situation, and this is the main theme that the audience empathizes with. It is heartbreaking to see their faces light up with hope at the possibility of winning the parent lottery only to be passed on time and time again. Rude awakenings and rejection are themes that most people can relate to after hardened years, but for children to already know it intimately at such an age is what makes December Boys the thoughtful tearjerker it is.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag7 / 10

'Harry Potter' grows up

My friends and I were so excited to see The December Boys, Daniel Radcliffe's first movie outside of the Harry Potter franchise. We even drove to the big city to see it in the theaters! As entertaining as it was, it's understandable that a group of high school girls wouldn't end up liking it.

Unsurprisingly, after playing an orphan in both David Copperfield and Harry Potter, Daniel was cast as another orphan in this coming-of-age drama. In an Australian orphanage (so keep an ear out for that accent),he and his three friends are given a vacation to celebrate their birthdays. If you can't guess what month they were born in, you're not old enough yet to see this movie. As they get the opportunity to relax and soak in the sun at a wealthy couple's home, their dear friendship transforms with jealousy. Since they're all orphans, the idea occurs to them that the couple might adopt one and let him stay; so, they each try to endear themselves.

As is the case for all coming-of-age stories, there's some sadness, some sex, some betrayal, and some wisdom. My girlfriends and I were a little surprised (and reduced to giggles) to see Daniel making out with a girl on the beach. I don't actually like the coming-of-age genre, but somehow I always end up seeing them anyway. Don't expect sunshine and rainbows with this movie. The preview makes it look more lighthearted than it is. But if you want to see Daniel Radcliffe making one of his rare "normal" movies, go ahead and rent it.

Reviewed by filipemanuelneto8 / 10

A beautiful story about adolescence and the value of friendship.

The story of this film is very touching: focusing on four young Australian orphans, the film portrays the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence. The four boys are united by an immortal friendship strengthened by constant union. Having no family, they became family to one another. The eldest, in fact, no longer has any hope of knowing what it is to have a mother and father. They're sent by the orphanage to a small seashore village as a birthday present but, on this trip, their bonds of friendship and brotherhood will be tested when they suspect that a couple of local residents may be thinking of adopting one of them. It's also a moment of discovery of sexuality. The four are already curious about women, but only one really is old enough to do their sexual initiation.

The cast revolves around four young actors, being the oldest and most famous of them Daniel Radcliffe, the eternal "Harry Potter". Lee Cormie, Christian Byers and James Fraser, three actors unknown to me so far, complete the quartet. I think they were all excellent in their respective roles, being the youngest of all to assume the role of narrating the story, in hindsight. Each one will overcome their personal challenges and will mature with it, which makes the film gradually more serious, mature and emotive. At the end, the most emotional scene shows us how that friendship has surpassed the test of time. A word of praise for the choice of filming locations, with beautiful maritime landscapes and enchanting beaches.

I think most people who see this movie do it because of Daniel Radcliffe but, after watching it, I think it has a lot more to offer. The whole cast was very good, the place is beautiful but, above all, the story told is very touching.

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