The Black Gestapo


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Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

A choice nasty chunk of vintage 70's blaxploitation sleaze

Humanistic General Ahmed (well played by the charismatic Rod Perry) forms the People's Army so he can protect the citizens of the blighted Watts area in Los Angeles from criminals. Ahmed's angry second-in-command Colonel Kojah (a fierce portrayal by Charles Robinson, who later became a regular on the hit sitcom "Night Court") starts his own squad and declares all-out war on local gangsters. Unfortunately, the increasingly arrogant and megalomaniacal Kojah and his men take over the crime rackets and prove to be even worse than the previous hoods they bumped off. It's up to Ahmed to stop Kojah before it's too late. Director Lee Frost, who also co-wrote the sharp and witty script with frequent collaborator Wes Bishop, delivers an extremely harsh and entertainingly trashy rough'n'dirty flick that offers a pleasing plenitude of raw violence (the definite brutal highlight occurs when a slimy rapist has his penis cut off and flushed down the toilet!),coarse language, and gratuitous nudity (the ever-delectable Uschi Digard shows up so she can display her awesomely ample figure in all its eye-popping full frontal glory). Perry and Robinson turn in fine work as bitter adversaries; they receive solid support from Angela Brent as sweet nurse Marsha, Phil Hoover as vicious strong-arm thug Vito, and Frost as crabby mob leader Vincent. Derek Scott's plain, scrappy cinematography, Allan Alper's groovy diggin' funk score, and a potent central message on how power corrupts are all crudely effective. A real scuzzy treat.

Reviewed by mark.waltz2 / 10

I don't think this was filmed. I think it was excreted.

It's interesting to note that as the general of this black power movement becomes determined to start "The Black Gestapo", his face turns bright red, almost like a devil. You certainly can understand the anger that the Watts community feels to white mobsters extorting money from them and keeping them from making success in their own community. They won't live in peace until these mobsters are taken care of, but then they turn around and become just as bad, possibly even worse than what they had before. The point of film makes is well intended. The execution of it however isn't at all well done. It's crude, tasteless, one-dimensional from both sides for the most part, and definitely agenda driven. I've seen a dozen or so of these blaxploitation films of the 1970's, and most of them had a fairness in showing a mixture of races fighting for equality and not in a way that was pandering.

The violence shows no mercy, some sequences truly repulsive to even imagine. The acting is even worse with everybody screaming, thinking that it's emoting. The filming is even worse. It looks like the most wretched of 60's drive-in movies, barely watchable with its tinny sound and blury photography. But the bottom line is it really serves no purpose other than for the filmmakers to unleash some anger and really do little to help any tensions that are out there. Watching it today is horrifying because the characters who start off simply trying to defend their hood end up being extreme hypocrites, bloodthirsty not just for revenge but for the sake of just seeing carnage wherever they can get it. All that it goes to prove is that a thug is nothing more than a stupid bully regardless of race, and the way it presents humanity in this film makes you wish we can hit a reset button. This is not entertainment.

Reviewed by nafps2 / 10

Mack from Night Court as Hitler

Seriously, that's what the film asks you to buy. Mack always seemed pretty friendly and easy going. Even 15 years before Night Court, this is the last guy you could see as a dictator. What next, Doogie Howser of the KGB? Seig Heil Gilligan? Seinfeld the Terrible?

And that any effort at Black liberation is no better than mass murdering Nazis. That's what gets the film 2 pts instead of zero. Lurid Nazi-sploitation of the dumbest kind.

But really the blood and breasts thrown in for no reason are just dull.

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