Rogue Male


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Peter O'Toole Photo
Peter O'Toole as Sir Robert Hunter
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Michael Byrne as Interrogator
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Ron Pember as Ticket Collector
Philip Jackson Photo
Philip Jackson as 1st Seaman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pearsontepper9 / 10

a great yarn

This is a faithful adaptation of the book by Geoffrey Household. It was made in 1941 as Man Hunt, directed by Fritz Lang. That was also a good film, particularly the George Sanders character, but in no ways is it as good as Rogue Male. This was a TV movie, and the color has faded over the years, but it is extremely provocative of the country in south England. I give it a 9.

Reviewed by clanciai9 / 10

Peter O'Toole on the quest of assassinating Hitler

Fritz Lang made this film in 1941, but the two versions are very different and compliment each other - none will spoil the other. Peter O'Toole's version is more actionlike, the dialogue is very much reduced and replaced by more credible action, while in the Fritz Lang version the dialogue is all, and there are many interesting conversations. Above all, the original film stresses the actual theme of the book, which is British sportsmanship, while this tends to get lost in the Peter O'Toole version. However, Peter is a much more suitable actor for the role than Walter Pidgeon, who is not quite convincing and certainly no hero. Peter makes a hero with terrible ordeals to go thorugh, while Walter is rather unscathed throughout. Peter is more convincing as an absolute gentleman, you can judge him for what he is just by his appearance, while Walter Pidgeon is a bit overgrown in maturity almost lijke a middle aged bore - his opponent George Sanders actually outshines him. Peter is also assisted by the incomparable Alastair Sim for his uncle, who still in his old age remains perfectly irresistible. Walter Pidgeon's uncle you forget at once.

So although Fritz Lang's film has a better script, is more literary and more brilliantly composed, while Peter's suffers from bad TV quality and is action for large audiences, Peter's version is more efficient and credible, realistic and dramatic. It's a great story, who wouldn't have dreamed of assassinating Hitler in time if he had the chance, and no matter how much you depart from the original story, you can't make a bad film on it.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Life is not a game of Cricket

Peter O'Toole plays Sir Robert Hunter. In 1939 Hunter attempts to assassinate Hitler and fails. Left for dead by the Nazis, Hunter manages to make it to England where he is still hunted as England and Germany are not at war.

Not much action or thrills. More like a drama of a rich guy on the run.

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