The Binge 2: It's A Wonderful Binge



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Reviewed by orcinussr3 / 10

I had high hopes (not 'high' hopes) but...

Why is it so bad? Why is it so poorly written? Why is it SO poorly acted? Tim Meadows is great but he always is, in terms of comedic timing, he's Meryl Streep - but everyone else INCLUDING Olsen (which is such a disappointment cause she too is generally hilarious) falls flat - it's Corny and lame but not in a funny way, I mean even if u take the advise of the films title and binge - nope, nupers, naaah - no Bueno. Seriously though 8 can't recommend this even if you have time to kill because it's just not fun and it's definitely not funny - so please try it for yourselves if your so inclined, I just thought I'd offer a heads up.

Reviewed by vhsjunkie2 / 10

The Cringe - the first wasn't funny, so why this

The Binge 2 was a truly awful movie. From the poorly written script to the wooden acting, it was clear that this was a film that should have never seen the light of day. In fact, I think it would have been more fitting if it had been called The Cringe instead.

The plot was predictable and cliche, with characters that were completely one-dimensional and lacked any depth or complexity. The dialogue was cringeworthy, with lines that were clearly meant to be funny but fell flat.

Overall, I was deeply saddened by how bad movies have become these days. It's a shame that Hollywood is churning out such poor quality content, and I can only hope that things will improve in the future. Until then, avoid The Binge 2 at all costs and save yourself the headache.

Reviewed by lauraa-525767 / 10

you know what it is, just watch it

Was very surprised I actually enjoyed this, I vaguely remember watching the first Binge and finding it super predictable and immature and not in a fun way. The sequel finds its stride in combining with Christmas and also using more of an ensemble cast of varying ages/personalities (the first was teen boys I believe which has been done over and over and over, think Superbad but D list version).

The second the mom's bf walks out speaking in a Glenn from Superstore-esque voice and the main character is like "who the f is this?" I was pleasantly surprised by numerous moments that caught me off guard as truly funny.

There were several out-loud laughs, some fun talent added to the cast including a whiny Kaitlin Olson from It's Always Sunny, a raucous Santa Claus played by Nick Swardson (Grandma's Boy),Tim Meadows from old school SNL, Eduardo Franco from Stranger Things, Danny Trejo (from everything),and more. The voiceover guy sounds like Morgan Freeman but isn't, which is also a random comedic touch. Several nostalgic throwback references to holiday movies and classic comedies to add to the fun.

Of course, this isn't some milestone comedic masterpiece, but most people watching it just want something silly to put on during a holiday party or just getting stoned with some friends, go ahead. You might actually laugh for once.

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