The Bible: A Brickfilm - Part One


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allielle-954559 / 10

Clever and impressive.

I'm really enjoying this film so I want to leave a review now. It's cleverly done and a lot of thought went into it. I'm impressed, actually I'm a little mesmerized by it. I've been watching about a half hour each evening and I wish this film was out when I was teaching Sunday School because I know the children would have loved it. I am looking forward to parts two and three but until them I'll be sharing the link to the film with my friends. As for the vehemently negative reviews, it's clear the writers just don't like the movie's topic otherwise it's hard not to appreciate the effort of the filmmakers.

Reviewed by sjwestbrooks7 / 10

Absolute must for Christians with Lego-loving kids!

It seems that all the negative reviews here are from people who either don't like the Bible, don't like stop-motion, or don't like either of them. And to that I say, "Come on! The freaking title of this film is 'The BIBLE: a BRICKFILM!!' Why are you WATCHING THIS, THEN?!" Sorry for the caps; just wanted to get the point across.

This movie is probably the most professional attempt yet to make a Christian movie with Legos. Its production value is much better than you'd think from reading the reviews here. The filmmakers try their best to make a serious movie, even to the point of making an actual miniature Noah's ark out of actual wood! The music is surprisingly pretty good, and the pacing is neither too fast nor too slow, which is quite an achievement considering they had to condense five books of the Bible into two hours. The acting/dialogue can only be criticized in a couple places, those places being from minor nameless characters. All in all, it is my firm belief that the filmmakers did the best with what they had, and made a pretty good movie doing so.

The only major thing I can find fault with in this movie is the creative license. For example, the movie has it rain during the "Cain kills Abel" scene, an obvious inaccuracy as Genesis clearly tells us that it never rained before the Flood. This flaw, however, can only lower my rating of this film to seven stars. If you are a Christian parent/grandparent/babysitter, this is a great movie for children who love Legos!

Reviewed by happy_doughnut9 / 10

cute cute cute

I LOVE THIS FILM! It's Very Cute even though the story is deep and serious!

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