The Best of Me


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten12%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled59%
IMDb Rating6.61072140

high school sweetheart

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James Marsden Photo
James Marsden as Dawson
Luke Bracey Photo
Luke Bracey as Younger Dawson
Liana Liberato Photo
Liana Liberato as Young Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anitasbstone1 / 10

Life is too short to watch this

I predicted every move, every turn every "next moment", it was THAT predictable. But, I predicted the ending as a joke.........and it was !

Reviewed by danew136 / 10

Hollywood Should Know People Want Happy Endings to Love Stories

This had all the makings of a love story that could touch many people with nice performances all around. So why not have a happy ending and insure a much bigger box office? The story unfolded in flash back and present day rotation. It told the story of pair of star crossed lovers who through circumstance broke up and went their separate ways only to reunited 20 years later.

The present day leads, the versatile James Marsden and the lovely Michelle Monaghan turn in deeply moving performance from a sentimental that could have played out nicely with the lovers living happily ever after. That wasn't to be and although there was an attempt to put a brave face on the ending, it wasn't what people wanted.

Also,Luke Bracey, who plays the younger lead, looks as old as Marsden and a bit taller.

Reviewed by f-rabit2 / 10

My wife made me watch it...then she apologised

Cheesy, lame, clichés all's so bad that I can't understand how is it even possible! How can a director make so bad decisions. I don't get it.The actors are not convincing at all. Overall the acting was mediocre and the god...the dialogs are deplorable. All about this movie is bad. The soundtrack. The dialogs. The plot. The story. And what about the main character? when he was young he had brown eyes and a long face. Twenty years after he has rounded face and blue eyes. lol lol lol How can this be? how can this pass? And did I talk about the acting? so bad! and did I talk about the dialogues? And could it be any more chliched? I guess not.Ridiculous movie.

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