The Bad Seed Returns


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Mckenna Grace as Emma
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Michelle Morgan as Angela
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Patty McCormack as Dr. March
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August Maturo as Boy From The School
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anilakygt10 / 10


Perfect movie - the first one and this. I'm giving it a 10 because I know people who think they are badass critics will criticize this somehow as they always do. But it does deserve a 10 for what it is. A lifetime movie. If you have high expectations - please go watch a marvel movie!

The story line was good, clearly similar to the original as it should be. Good music too. I think that was almost the best part. Acting also on point from all the cast.

She is also talented for writing and producing herself too - I've seen it on her Instagram. Lovely actress with a bright future.

Give it a watch if you are having a relaxing day in watching movies or simply if you watched the first movie, you will be pleased.

Reviewed by deedrala3 / 10

Biggest plothole and best line

'The Bad Seed Returns'

Firstly, nothing will ever come close to the 1956 original. It was pure perfection in every way, and would've been only half as good in color. The b&w cinematography made it that much more suspenseful, depressing, and compelling.

This movie's prequel with Rob Lowe was ruined from the beginning, mainly because so much was changed from the original - even down to the main characters' names - and he was just too old to be believable as her father. He was the right age to play her grandfather, even with the overdone plastic surgery. But not her dad. And his sister - the girl's aunt - looked like she came from a different family entirely with her blonde hair and big eyes. So, too much was too off throughout to be enjoyable, along with the gaping plot holes that flat-out ruined it - mainly the wasp nest being perfectly removed from the shed and perfectly placed in the car without tearing it by a little girl - all by herself, without being stung 500 times... Right...

As for this sequel, it was just more of the same except this time they actually tried to get the aunt character to look more like her brother instead of from a totally unrelated family. But couldn't they have found a baby with dark hair to match his parents? The red-haired baby in this film was as miscast as Rob Lowe in the first one.

The biggest plothole: Kat was too smart and too wise onto Emma to have let herself be completely conned into not only going to her house (in the pouring rain, to boot) but then to be dumb and off-guard enough to drink anything that Emma would give her. Of course there would've been no blow-up slam-dash twisty ending if Kat had remained her usual smart, watchful self and told Emma on the phone that whatever she had to tell her, she could just simply tell her over the phone, to keep a safe distance from the girl whom she KNOWS is an evil conniving killer. But no, she goes there in torrential rain and takes the hot chocolate from Emma and drinks it without a second thought. She puts herself totally at the mercy of this wicked girl she had been onto from the get-go, from way back in elementary school. That was the worst movie-ruiner for me.

As for best line/dialogue: after Kat told Emma "You won't get away with it..", Emma puts on her brief scared, screaming act for 911, then hangs up and smiles at the drugged Kat and says, "That was me getting away with it".

Mckenna Grace should move on to other roles as she gets older and never do another sequel to these very poor remakes of the original outstanding film. She has talent and looks and plenty of time ahead to enjoy a prolific acting career.

Grade D - 3 out of 10.

Reviewed by kjckb2 / 10

Nope nope nope!

Just as I was afraid of. Nothing new. Just like the first one. Emma kills, Emma gets away with it. At least we get to see her get witch-slapped across the face. But my fear was it was going to be another "the loved one(s) die and Emma gets away with it" ending like the first. Even Rhoda in the original Bad Seed didn't get all the way away with it. I just hoped for a different more creative ending here in this sequeal, and was sourly disappointed! The victims seemed smarter but in the end pulled some stupid stunts and got themselves killed. I love Mckenna Grace, but this story ended disappointingly.

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