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Reviewed by wkarrde9 / 10

A triumph in the realm of animated film

I just watched this movie and... I'm not even sure what to say. This is a triumph of artistry. Magnificent, from the first frame to the final. There is more creativity in this movie than the last 50 I've watched. This is a love letter to 80's era cartoons, but so much more. The music is incredible, the animation is incredible, the story is incredible.

One guy made this, more or less. The same guy animated the entire movie, did many of the voices, came up with the story, wrote the story... What an achievement. What a mind blowing achievement.

I highly recommend this film

Reviewed by Dusan_Indjic-Luigi7 / 10

Almost poetic retro-animation fantasy

Watching it was not just a bit like a dream. Artistically a bit surreal (mostly thanks to the old fashioned hand made animation) story about all the important things in this genre. There's not too much too say and analyze in this one, mostly because of it's free artistic approach. Everybody can find a piece of their own in it. Put in shortly and rudimentary, as usually it's about struggle in between good and evil. I really loved this poetic, dreamy landscapes and characters. As this type of retro-animation give it this special artistic glitter, as I said in the beginning. Especially for those of us who remember the old days of "Heavy Metal" or such. Anybody who loves the genre of (animated) fantasy should see it, especially because though it looks slow, it's actually concise and is put in quite small time frame of about an hour.

Reviewed by bowmanblue6 / 10

What did I just watch?

'Nova Seed.' Er, where do I begin? It's a film? Or is it? Perhaps it's more like an 'experience.' Who would like it? Who knows? I'm not even sure if I did! The closest I can liken it to is either an experimental music video from the seventies, the cult BBC adult cartoon 'Monkey Dust,' or a bad acid trip. I've watched a few David Lynch films in my time and people often say that his work is 80% feeling and 20% story. I think that's a fair statement for 'Nova Seed,' too.

It's a cartoon set in a weird, slightly futuristic version of Earth and the plot revolves – loosely – around a giant lion-man who's our only hope against an insane super-villain known only as 'Mind Skull.' I guess that's all I can really say as the story sort of bounces from one action-packed animated scene after the next. There's very little dialogue apart from various reporters and newscasters doing their best to inform you a little more about what's happening. However, a lot of what you see is kind of up to you to interpret.

So there's not really that much story to speak of. Does that make it bad? No. Although I may not watch it again for quite some time I'm glad I invested an hour of my time into it (yes, it's slightly shorter than your average film). Simply put, it has one hell of an interesting look and feel. And that's pretty much its major selling point.

It's one of those films where, if that's enough for you then you'll love it. It's hard to say what sort of audience it's trying to reach. It's part sci-fi, part animation, part music video, little story. I suppose if you're a certain age from a certain generation where there was no such thing as computer animation and everything was hand-drawn (which I am!) then you'll always have a nostalgic appreciation from cartoons which took their animators hours to slave over (as opposed to create in a Pixar studio!).

It's not the greatest film ever made, but that's simply because it's not really a film as you'd imagine. It doesn't conform to the 'classic Hollywood narrative' model that we're so used to. It's just great to watch as it's colourful and very different (unless of course you've seen that episode of 'South Park' where they hallucinate a weird, cartoon sci-fi world – then you've seen something similar!).

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