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Reviewed by HeyHay371 / 10

Actual garbage hates this garbage

You know when there is a car accident on the road that you don't want to look at, but can't help it? This is the train wreck that you may peek at, but wish you didn't.

Absolutely the WORST movie I have seen in years.

After just 5 minutes, it seems that the movie throws its hands in the air and says "I have no clue".

The "script", (was there one really though?) was written AND directed by the same person (Sean Patrick cannon). It was erratic and confusing, as though he was spurting out a bunch of random ideas from his head, but had ZERO way, of liking them together in a cohesive way. Extremely obvious there was no script editor, and if there was-I hope they have another job to fall back on. THAT is how bad it was.

The movie is described as being a couple of ghost hunters who go to a site after the death of her daughter, only to discover that she starts to see her daughter. That is where the writers mission statement begins and ends. There was some very fractured and unfinished/unrefined things about a cult that we were given basically zero information on, leaving more questions than answers - but not in an entertaining intentional and plot driven way. It was "I really don't understand what is happening right now, or why".

Literally most of the movie were people not just screaming at each other, but verbally assaulting one another. It was very cringe.

The "acting" is MORE than just abysmal-especially the lead "actress" and the bartender. WAY too over the top and fake, it reminded me of kids in an elementary school play. But worse. Much worse. Sooo much worse. I may be wrong, but have a hunch that these people are family or friends of people who were involved in this project. I mean it when I say that while I was watching, I was actually embarrassed FOR these actors, that is how cringe worthy they were.

The ONLY possible redeemable thing this movie MAY have going for it is that it could be worthy of Rifftrax (Mystery Science Theater)

Reviewed by stevebrockman1 / 10

If only I could give it a 0/10

One of my new biggest regrets in life is not reading any reviews before spending £5 of my well earned money on this film. To add insult to injury, I didn't even just rent it, I bought it, which means I'm now stuck with it for eternity.

I have encountered a lot of injustices in this world, but the mere fact that this "film" was financed, filmed and then distributed may be the biggest one of all.

I've definitely seen more exciting Keynote presentations than this movie.

I can't tell you how this film ends as I lost all faith in life when one of the camera angles was a POV shot from a child's coffin.

For us, that really was the nail in the coffin.

Reviewed by winston-592161 / 10

Save yourself the time

I do not usually write reviews but I had to make an account just to advise other people to not watch this movie.

From the beginning the quality of audio and the camera angles were just off. The script leaves massive gaps in the story as well.

Every time you expect the movie to end there happens to be another turn but the execution overall is too cheesy to bare. Whoever greenlighted this movie to stream on Amazon needs to refine what type of content they release. You would assume that this would have got scraped in production but they decided to just keep going.

Please spare yourself the confusion from watching this movie and watch something else.

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