The 12 Days of Christmas Eve



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Spencer Grammer as Michelle Conway
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Kelsey Grammer as Brian Conway
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Diana Toshiko as Nina Nishii
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TravelLarge10 / 10

The best Christmas movie so far this year!

Kelsey & Spencer have wonderful chemistry acting together. Kelsey Grammer can stand alone, but his daughter working with him made this film so heartwarming. I love the story of this show. Everything about it is what Christmas should be about. Everyone enjoys nice gifts, but love and time are what matters. I loved the entire cast, and I hope more are to follow. My very favorite part was them singing The Irish lullaby from one of my favorite Bing Crosby movies, Going my way with Barry Fitzgerald. Maybe you guys can do a remake of that together? I think Kelsey sings nice and could definitely pull off remaking any Big Crosby movie from the Golden Age.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

This is what a Christmas movie should be like...

Now, when I sat down to watch the 2022 Christmas movie "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve", I must admit that I was expecting something good, since the movie had Kelsey Grammer on the cast list, and he is usually quite good in movies such as this. I have not heard about "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" prior to sitting down to watch it.

Writer Eirene Donohue managed to put together not only a very wholesome storyline here, but also a script that proved very entertaining and enjoyable. And the writer really made this feel like a proper Christmas movie, so thumbs up on that accomplishment. Eirene Donohue really gave director Dustin Rikert something grand to work with here.

The acting performances in "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" were good, and just as I had assumed then Kelsey Grammer really made this an enjoyable movie with his performance. He is a great actor and really shines in a movie such as this. But I will say that they had a good cast ensemble in general, and the actors and actresses put on good performances on the screen.

If you enjoy Christmas movies then you definitely have to watch "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve". This does without a doubt have the potential to become a Christmas classic. I genuinely enjoyed watching this movie and was quite entertained. It is a wholesome Christmas movie that doesn't fall into that usual sappy romantic formula, you know where a man and a woman fall in love against all odds, that many Christmas movies unfortunately have a tendency of doing. This is a movie that really brings to the screen the purpose of Christmas and the holiday spirits.

My rating of "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" lands on a well-deserved seven out of ten stars.

Reviewed by Jackbv1238 / 10

Yet another take on Scrooge

There is the obvious comparison to Scrooge and A Christmas Carol but there are obvious differences as well. One is the Ground Hog Day angle of repeating Christmas Eve over 12 times.

There is some deliberate exaggeration and some crude physical humor gags earlier in the movie, but by the 5th or 6th repeat, Brian is starting to become human even though his narcissism hangs on a while longer.

The acting is very good. I didn't realize until later that Michelle, Brian's daughter, is played by Spencer Grammer, Kelsey's daughter. The dialogue is good, often funny. I can't say anything surprised me.

I hate including spoilers, but I have to say that when Brian kissed his daughter good night, it occurred to me that his death would punish her and the granddaughter more than any justice to Brian. Not that "Santa's" threat would come true.

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