Tad, the Lost Explorer, and the Secret of King Midas

2017 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Gemma Whelan Photo
Gemma Whelan as Tiffany
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Ramon Tikaram as Jack Rackham
Joseph Balderrama Photo
Joseph Balderrama as The Mummy
Michelle Jenner Photo
Michelle Jenner as Sara Lavrof
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pr658 / 10

A pleasant family film, well worth a watch.

A pleasant family film, and well worth a watch. A little scary in parts and might suit children 7-8 years and above, but nothing terrible. Certainly an action packed film that holds the attention throughout. An undead 'Mummy' character provides light relief and quite a lot of comedy, as do the animal characters. The central characters are like-able, the 'baddies' suitably bad. My children were riveted throughout and thoroughly enjoyed it. Fun film. Recommended!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Spanish animated kids movie

Sara Lavrof has made a big discovery about King Midas. Tad Jones hasn't seen her in awhile and has yet to reveal his true feelings. She invites him to Vegas for her big reveal. Evil Jack Rackham's gang kidnaps her to force her to find King Midas' secret. Tad needs to rescue her. He's joined by the Mummy and Sara's assistant Tiffany Maze.

This is a Spanish animated kids movie. The animation is fine for TV. It's a wacky adventure. I didn't see the first movie and it's perfectly fine. It's not the best but it's passable. The characters are somewhat fun. I like Tad but the Mummy can be a bit too much. The love triangle is lightweight but that fits the tone. The adventure is a series of set pieces and pieces of a collar. It's a lot of McGuffin which is also fine. This is a lot fine.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Pretty good sequel with lots of noisy action , humor , charming characters and funny scenes

Fun as well as brilliant animated piece that has the rare quality of appealing both to youngsters and adults , but on different levels . This wonderful film is plenty of fantasy , adventures, spectacular feats and breathtaking scenarios from Granada and Turkey , shot in 3D Computer Generator . The picture is narrated with imagination and sense of wonder and turns out to be very entertaining , as it is apt for small kids and adults , too . It has neither graphic violence or profanity , but entertainment and amusement . Tadeo (Spanish voice by Barberan) is a Chicago building worker who has aspirations to be a prestigious archaeologist and adventurer just like his hero Max Mordon . Nowadays , he goes on his dream to become a famous archaeologist and while he is studying archaeology to graduate. One day, Sara (voice by Michelle Jenner) invites Tad to an exposition in Las Vegas, where he hopes that she accepts turning in his fianceé . Just before to carry out the trip , Tad realizes that the mummy of Paititi has been banished from the Inca city by help him and he shows up at home , forcing Tad to travel Las Vegas with his dog Jeff and the mummy himself . But all hopes and dreams of Tad break when a wealthy person named Jack Rackham appears on stage . Unfortunately for Tad , Sara is abducted and coerced to reveal the location of the three parts of Midas' necklace . Then the most botcher adventurer , Tadeo , teaming up with the mummy , the dog Jeff , and Belzoni (a grouch and clever parrot who is capable to communicate by using show-bills) set out in search for his lover Sara . As soon as they arrive in the historical town of Granada , there takes place a great number of pursuits , chases throughout stairs , mayhem and surprising discoveries at the Alhambra underground . Later on , Tadeo along with his dog , mummy , Belzoni (Sara's pet) and Sara take on several dangers , risks and adventures . Get ready for a great adventure.

Very amusing and agreeable computer generator movie compellingly realized in magnificent visual style . The awkward adventurer Tadeo , the construction worker , began like a parody of Indiana Jones, but after screenplay began to develop its own personality and became a visual comic . The plot is plain and simple , here Tad Jones forming team with Tiffany (Sara's scholar) , Mummy , the dog Jeff and parrot Belzone (Sara's pet that talks to people by means of show-bill) and his friends will travel all around the world attempting to find and free Sara and vanquish millionaire Rackham before he receives all power of necklace to become in gold anything he touches . This is a high quality film plenty of adventures , fun situations , humor with tongue-in-cheek , fantasy , resulting to be extremely amusing and including a catching musical score by Zacarias M. de la Riva . Tadeo character is a blending between known Indiana Jones and a popular hero from Spanish comic books called ¨Super Lopez¨ . This Tadeo Jones adventure has surprised me on so many levels that I actually rated it higher than the recent Disney/Pixar films . Sensational and fantastic tale , it's a masterpiece computer generator movie , a great animation with enjoyable screenplay and funny happenings . It contains a real attention to detail in every shot is simply staggering ,and on top of it all it is a very nice-looking movie . One of a kind, if you enjoy interesting stories and have a soft spot for attractive characters and well planed scenarios, you are in for a great one . Excellent production , lavish and colorfully realized similar to a Hollywood product . In addition , an amusing story with attention to period detail and a great technical quality . This is the long running to sympathetic character previously appeared in the short films titled "Tadeo Jones" (2004) and its sequel "Tadeo Jones and the basement of doom" , all of them won more than 25 national and international prizes, including the Goya Award for Best Spanish animation film . This is also the sequel to ¨Adventures of Tadeo Jones¨ or "Tad, the Lost Explorer" , as good as the original , it is a big step ahead in production quality when compare to its predecessors .

This stunning film with appropriate runtime , converted the first of any kind to gross over the box office in Spain and all over the world . The motion picture was splendidly realized by David Alonso and Enrique Gato who are preparing a third follow-up . The movie achieved several prizes , such as : Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain , 2018 Winner CEC Award : Best Animated Film , Enrique Gato and David Alonso ; Gaudí Awards 2018 Winner : Best Animated Feature , and Goya Award : the best animation movie . Rating : Better that average , worthwhile watching ; advisable to see for kiddies and adults who appeal the splendid C.G. drawings . Great family fun, although predictable and somewhat a parody , this movie has a plot to hold a child's attention.

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