Tad: The Lost Explorer

2012 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

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Ariel Winter as Sara Lavrof
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Adam James as Max Mordon
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Eugenio Derbez as Freddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbtyagi9 / 10


It was a cinematic delight watching this movie. Tad: The Lost Explorer is full of adventure. This treasure hunt movie keeps you entertained with its great exploration journey packed with a good script, decent animation, love story, action, and emotion. Animal side characters make film even more enjoyable with their humor and funny dialogues.

The movie follows Tad, a construction worker, who aspires to become a great explorer. His dream comes true when he fortuitously finds himself on a treasure hunt- in search of a lost city with the promise of making one immortal. His team consists of his dog, a professor's daughter and her silent bird, and a hustler. They encountered evil forces of treasure-hunter taking on several dangerous risks. It takes viewers on a non-stop thrilling ride treating us with idyllic resplendent landscapes. Tad is an inspirational character who shows an indomitable spirit to pursue his dream. The movie tries to explore the question of immortality. No one would deny the opportunity to become immortal but would you still choose to be the one if it is the form of immortality depicted in the movie? The quest for immortality may not always have a blissful ending even when it is fulfilled. Be careful of what you wish for!

This is a fast-paced movie with a running time of 92 minutes which is not a weak point but I wish for more depth in story and character development. All in all, Tad: The Lost Explorer is a family entertainer suited for both kids and adults with a deep hidden message. It is rightfully called Indiana Jones of the animated world.

Reviewed by Kamurai254 / 10

"Tad, the Lost: The Search for Something Something...."

Rough watch, probably won't watch again, and can't confidently recommend, unless it's for younger audiences...and even then, probably no.

This movie feels like a first attempt. Tad is actually a charming underdog character, Sarah plays well as an attraction for the lead and an independently grown character which shows so much intricacy from a writing perspective that the rest of the non-animal characters are baffling.

There is just so little here to work with that I don't have a lot to say. The train action sequence was actually decent, but I was wasn't engaged with the movie for the majority of the time.

I think this is better skipped, but if you actually like this, then there is a sequel that is slightly better.

Reviewed by Aktham Tashtush4 / 10

Well just don't .. it is not like any animation i'v seen before "not in a good way"

I watched the trailer , it looked like fun and a lot of Action and comedy, but when you really watch the movie it is totally different, There were more than a couple of moments of Action but it all seemed unnecessary, overdone and excessively overrated.

Come to the comedy part it was just cheap and not funny at all.

Final judgment, Just find something else.

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