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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend9 / 10

Our last sheriff was a good organiser. Yellow clear through, but a good organiser.

Support Your Local Sheriff! is directed by Burt Kennedy and written by William Bowers. It stars James Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Jack Elam, Harry Morgan and Bruce Dern. Harry Stradling Jr. is the cinematographer and Jeff Alexander scores the music. The film is essentially a parody of a Western splinter that encompasses an iconoclastic new arrival in a troubled town who sets about taming it. Here it's James Garner as Jason McCullough who is on his way to Australia to make his fortune. Stopping over in an Old Western town for some rest, a bite to eat, and maybe earn some cash? McCullough is disgusted to find corruption and murder is rife. Showing a firm backbone and some nifty skills with a gun, McCullough highly impresses the town dignitaries who offer him the position of Sheriff. A job he finally accepts and begins taming the town with his unconventional methods.

Support Your Local Sheriff! Very much had time on its side when it was released. Interest in the Western as a genre had waned considerably, with the advent of free television potentially ready to drive the final nails into the coffin. Four years earlier Cat Ballou had shown that a comedy Western in the 60s could be well received. While master craftsman Howard Hawks had parodied his own Rio Bravo a year after Cat Ballou with the well regarded El Dorado. Throw into the pot that James Garner had good comedic Western credentials behind him on account of his run in TV series Maverick (1957-1962); and it's evident that Messrs Kennedy & Bowers knew exactly what they were doing.

Roger Ebert famously accused the makers of the film of being thieves, not buying into the parody basis, he hated the film and thought it just stole from other Western movies whilst being made in a TV show style. Well that's kind of the core of a parody movie is it not? Bowers & Kennedy have crafted a top dollar irreverent Oater, embracing the clichés of many standard genre pics that had gone before it-and then turning them upside down. While all the time, with this cast of very knowing genre participants, cloaking the picture with love and affection. It's not so much biting the hand that feeds you, but more a tasteful appreciation of what was sometimes fed.

Full of truly memorable scenes such as a jail without bars, the film is immeasurably helped by the on fire cast. Garner deadpans it a treat and is charismatic into the bargain. As he goes about taming the town more by logic and suggestion than rapid gunfire, he's a hero that's very easy to warm too. Hackett, who owes the Western fan nothing after Will Penny, is simply adorable as a bumbling rich girl quickly getting the hots for the new Sheriff. Morgan & Dern play it firmly with a glint in the eye and tongue in cheek, and Brennan, a god-like bastion of Western's, is hilarious as the patriarch of the bullying Danby clan. But best of the bunch is Jack Elam (The Far Country/ Vera Cruz/ Gunfight at the OK Corral),who playing the town character somehow finds himself (in spite of himself) employed as the Sheriff's deputy, turns in a lesson in visual and physical comedy. Fittingly it's Elam who closes the film out with a suitably knowing piece of smart.

It lacks some great scenic photography and the score is a bit too much Keystone Coppery, but really this is about the excellent script and the players bringing it to life. A Western comedy gem. 9/10

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

A very nice change of pace

I first saw this film as a child and really enjoyed it. Now, over three decades later, I saw it again. I still enjoyed it, but can see that it's a film that would probably have a bit more appeal to kids.

This film is set in a boom town in the Old West. Because gold was recently discovered (in a tacky and funny way at the beginning of the film),there is a lot of violence. The last three sheriffs didn't last--so everyone expects the new sheriff, James Garner, to either be killed or run off like one of his predecessors.

Garner plays a part that is very much like his character from Maverick--a guy who uses his wits to win the day instead of brawn. Now this isn't to say that Garner can't shoot--in this movie he's an amazing shot. However, being a bit lazy and pragmatic, he usually finds a way to avoid the violence and STILL keep the town crime-free. Most of these ways are pretty funny (I particularly liked the red paint scene) and the film is a nice change of pace from the usual violent and brainless Western.

This movie was so successful that it triggered a sequel that was exceptionally similar--heck, the name was even similar. In SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTER, the plot is pretty similar and so is the action, so if you liked one movie you'll no doubt like the other. A good film that is more than just another formulaic Western.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Well worth supporting

While the western genre is not my favourite in films, there is still a lot of appreciation for it and there are many great films in the genre. That 'Support Your Local Sheriff' had more of a comedic slant in comparison to the thrilling tension seen in the classic westerns, and also the elegiac quality in others, that have more of an action-oriented edge added further to the intrigue. Then there was the cast, hard not to go wrong with James Garner and Walter Brennan.

Seeing it for the first time a couple of days ago while spending a quiet afternoon amidst developing a more active routine and a hectic house move, hence less reviews and breaks from writing, 'Support Your Local Sheriff' was a most worthwhile way to spend this afternoon. For me, it was a very enjoyable film and a successful attempt at doing something different, something that has always varied in success in film, television, theatre/opera/ballet productions etc but have always appreciated the effort.

It wasn't flawless. Didn't really warm to Joan Hackett's character, the other characters were more interesting and entertaining to me and from personal opinion Hackett tries too hard (it does have to be said though that she looks beautiful here).

Also wasn't so sure about the music score, didn't always think it was completely harmonious with the action though it did fit the spoof comedic tone quite well generally.

However, as a film spoofing the western genre, 'Support Your Local Sheriff' is a delight and never stops entertaining the viewer. The script is witty and often riotously funny, with some real jewels for lines, while treating the viewer with respect rather than like idiots, that was appreciated. It is not just non-stop entertainment, 'Support Your Local Sheriff' is also remarkably affectionate and clearly made and directed by somebody that loved the western genre and understood it, while having fun with it rather than taking a serious approach. This is all supported by a lively story that makes one feel nostalgic for the genre and handsome production values.

Other than Hackett, the cast are just wonderful and are reason enough to see 'Support Your Local Sheriff' alone. Good too that they are supported well by the cracking writing and having characters that are interesting and likeable. Loved James Garner's easy going charm, while the ever great Walter Brennan spoofs his 'My Darling Clementine' character as if born to do comedy, some priceless expressions here. Bruce Dern was never funnier than here while Jack Elam is a riot as the dim-witted deputy.

In a nutshell, very enjoyable. 8/10

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