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Reviewed by KatMiss10 / 10


"Stop! Look! and Laugh!" is basically nothing more than a compilation film designed only to make a quick buck from the millions of Stooge fans. Apparently Moe Howard thought the same thing, because he sued Columbia to prevent the film from being released. Eventually, he relented after Columbia offered to finance and distribute all Stooges features thereafter. If anything, "Stop! Look! and Laugh" made the Three Stooges even more popular and at least washed the awful taste of "Snow White and the Three Stooges" away.

Basically, producer/director Jules White (who directed most of the shorts clips were taken from)edited the best moments from such classic shorts as "Micro-Phonies", "A Plumbing We Will Go", "Calling All Curs","How High Is Up" among others and shot new footage with Paul Winchell and his dummies, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff. This made sense, since the Stooges shorts were packaged into a half hour show and shown along side "The Winchell/Mahoney Show" on regular TV. This way both shows get exposure.

Unfortunately, fans looking for a full fledged Stooges feature will be disappointed. But take solace in the fact that this so called "compromise" film was actually much better than most of the New Three Stooges features that followed. We get to see the original Stooges team in top form, great gags with Winchell and Mahoney and many memorable moments. The editing is excellent; much of it is seamlessly handled by a team of skilled editors; it should have garnered an Oscar nomination.

The only thing that sort of slows this film down is the Marquis Chimps sequence, which I could have done without, but if seeing animals acting silly is your thing, fine, enjoy it. But it doesn't take away from the previous 60 minutes of hilarity.

**** out of 4 stars

Reviewed by krorie6 / 10

Stop! Look! and Edit!

I saw "Stop!Look!and Laugh!" as part of a double bill when I was a teenager and found it amusing, but strictly for the small fry. Whether the viewer enjoys this picture or not depends greatly on being a fan of the Three Stooges and Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney. Even Three Stooges addicts will be disappointed with the disjointed nature of the editing culled from some of the Stooges best film shorts.

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney became TV's answer to the extremely popular Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy radio program. Though Winchell was a much better ventriloquist than Bergen, his humor basically was for the kids whereas Bergen appealed to a much wider audience, pleasing adults as well as children. So in this movie, Mahoney is presented as Winchell's little boy who hates school and uses all types of stratagems to stay home.

The film has a major problem in making transitions from Winchell and Mahoney's comic routines to the archival footage featuring the Three Stooges. The transitions are at best forced and at times complete failures. The archival footage of the Stooges presents the goofy trio in much edited versions, sort of like a celluloid Reader's Digest. Still, the slapstick humor of the Stooges often rises above the sloppy editing to make the audience laugh.

Never serious competition for Laurel and Hardy or the Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges could deliver the belly laughs at times, especially the original Moe, Larry, and Curly, with Curly turning out to be one of the best visual comedians of his day. Many of the scripts were well-written and the early shorts well directed. Unfortunately Curly's humor suffered in later years as a result of poor health. So rather than wasting your time on "Stop!Look! and Laugh!," rent "Disorder in Court," the Clark Gable parody, "Men in Black," or "A Plumbing We Will Go" to see the Stooges at their very best. If you're a fan of old-time slapstick you will certainly enjoy the Classic Stooges but may find "Stop!Look!and Laugh!" a bit disappointing.

Reviewed by jwpeel-16 / 10

Stop, Look, Laugh and enjoy the time capsule!

I remember being very excited as a kid when I saw the promos for this first on. There even was a contest where some lucky boy or girl would be a featured player in the production which immediately made me fantasize about being the living, breathing embodiment of Jerry Mahoney. I was a huge fan of Paul Winchell and his figures (I always hated calling them dummies) Not to mention I ALWAYS LOVED the Stooges with Curly.

I must admit, I was a tad disappointed with seeing just clips of the zany trio but still thrilled to see lots of Winchell, Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff. And the way the editors made it seem as though Winchell and Mahoney became victims of a pie throwing along with the Stooges was an extra cool plus.

One reviewer didn't seem to get that Paul Winchell did a children's show, but that wasn't always the case. In order to survive, he created a children's format and it was a huge success. Still the editing was amazing, not sloppy as one reviewer wrote. Now I DID like the Marquis Chimps in those days, but I could have done without them here. Still, the voice of the great June Foray was a welcome treat.

It is a shame I never got to meet my idol Paul Winchell, but I at least got to know ventriloquist Jerry Layne whom he mentored in the art. Anyway, this is a great time capsule as I see it and while I never lived in New York as a kid, so Officer Joe Bolton was not a big thing for me. Not too many years later, Boston legend Ed McConnell known to kids here in the Boston area as Major Mudd appeared in the Stooge feature The Outlaws Us Coming as a Curly like Bat Masterson.

This was in no way a classic, but a very entertaining walk down memory lane for kids like me.who chose to never completely grow up.

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