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Reviewed by rc199008 / 10

Exceptionally good gay themed movie

I am always pleased when I see a gay themed movie with good acting, an engaging story, and high production values. Chad Connell put in a very strong performance as an emotionally conflicted gay man as he goes through a major psychological crisis. The cinematography was excellent, and showcased the beautiful city of Winnipeg and the Manitoba countryside. The music by Vincent Ho was absolutely gorgeous. I was looking for the famous composer of the lovely classical piano and violin sonata, and surprised and pleased to discover it was an original score. I hope we see more of Vincent's compositions.

Reviewed by Coralknight4 / 10

Just slightly entertaining

You really can tell a Canadian indie movie; there's always that overriding vernier of slow-pace coupled with extremely bad bed music. This writing and plot is very weak, and the entire story could have been told in 30 minutes; enough time to expose and resolve the lead character's entire background story, add in a few tawdry gratuitous sex scenes...and yeah, that's pretty much it. The long pan-outs of scenery and mugging for the camera are beyond superfluous. And without spoilers, I pretty much "got" who Alexander was after their third interaction ( was that predictable). The one good thing I can say is the filmography is well done and ranges from the hand-held/shaky technique to give the air of tension to some very elaborate shots which must have required some expensive equipment. In fact, I seriously don't know how the producer got the money to create this movie with such polish (then again, this is a Canadian film, so I'm sure they got a public grant for their required quota of gay films per year). If you have an hour to kill, watch this movie with a remote control so you can fast-forward through the slow'll need it.

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-3869162 / 10

Gay man in mental breakdown yawnathon

This is a hard watch it is about some TV presenter called Daniel who goes a little bit weird at the same time that a cutesie twink decides to enter his life. This is Alexander played by, the unfortunately named, David Cameron. He has all the emotional development of a three month old puppy.

They do some 'getting it on' and have a few dramas as the musical score goes off on o0ne seemingly having been penned for a different film – one that was probably watchable.

This was one of those films that I tried to find something to like. The boys are good looking, but constantly pad about the place wearing as little as possible or as tight as possible – I mean cliché central or what. The dialogue was turgid, the acting almost painful and the plot so bewilderingly pointless that I kept saying – who would really care? Only see if you like a soft porno with acting of a similar calibre – truly bad.

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