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Rachel Hunter Photo
Rachel Hunter as A.C.'s Wife
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Mark Wahlberg as Chris 'Izzy' Cole
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Jennifer Aniston as Emily Poule
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Timothy Olyphant as Rob Malcolm, Blood Pollution Guitarist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow6 / 10

Rock Star: I should have liked this more

Rock Star tells the story of the lead singer of a tribute band who get's to live out his dreams on a much grander stage. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Spall and Timthy Olyphant it certainly doesn't lack star power.

As you'd imagine being a movie about classic/glam rock the soundtrack is fantastic, right up there among the best of them though shatter any illusions you may have that it was Wahlberg singing.

It's big, it's stylish and to my knowledge it's pretty damn accurate so why am I not rating this higher? I like the cast, I'm an old school rocker myself and on paper this should be a guaranteed tick in the win column from me.

The construction of a movie is simple, you need a beginning a middle and an end and Rock Star has that but in a rather disjointed way. The films construction is my biggest grip, it comes across more like a Behind the Music episode than an actual movie. The protagonist walks away having learned several life lessons but the viewer (Or rather in this viewers case) it felt more empty than it should have.

Rock Star is an interesting enough look at a subject rarely touched upon by the mainstream Hollywood movie industry but perhaps needed an additional 30+ minute to really flesh it out.

The Good:

Great cast

Awesome soundtrack

Some brilliant visuals

First movie ever to make Timothy Spall a successful "Good guy"

The Bad:

Olyphant feels wasted

Oddly built

I struggled to feel for our leads

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Jennifer Aniston holds the secret of eternal youth

They could/should have found Wahlberg a better wig

Ballet is where rock stars go to die

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Liked Wahlberg

It's Pittsburg in the 80s. Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) idolizes the band Steel Dragon and works tirelessly to emulate them in a tribute band. His girlfriend Emily Poule (Jennifer Aniston) is his biggest fan. He repairs copying machines and still lives at home. His cop brother dismisses his dream. After an on stage fight with his guitarist Rob (Timothy Olyphant),he is kicked out of the band as they want to start playing their own music. Then a surprise call from Steel Dragon guitarist Kirk Cuddy (Dominic West) for Chris to audition for the band as he fires the lead singer Bobby Beers.

Mark Wahlberg has good likability as the dreamer and does a good rock star imitation. Jennifer Aniston is pretty good. She isn't doing anything out of her comfort zone. There are some rocking music even if Marky Mark doesn't do the singing. It's an earnest recreation like a tribute band. What this movie needs is a lot more jokes. Falling off the stairs could have been funny but it's played very seriously. The story is just too filled with clichés for me to take seriously. It feels very superficial and not gritty enough. In the end, I enjoyed Wahlberg's commitment to his character.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag1 / 10

Pretty bad, only for Marky Mark fans

Okay, let's be honest: The only reason anyone would sit through this movie is because she has a huge crush on Mark Wahlberg. That being said, I've sat through it.

Rock Star is everything you'd expect in a movie about a, well, rock star. Wild performances, drugs, booze, blackout parties, sex, more sex, and Mark Wahlberg. I'm sure there are people who actively seek out those types of movies, but I just haven't met any. Unless you really, really adore him, you'd be better off skipping this one. Jennifer Aniston even regretted making it, and when a star badmouths her own movie, you know it's a bad sign.

If you're like me, there's no use trying to talk sense into you. I've sat through so many terrible movies, all for love of eye candy. I understand your plight. But I've given you fair warning that this one's pretty bad.

Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to graphic sex scenes, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.

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