Spookley and the Christmas Kittens


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by legojuice4 / 10

This is no better than the first one.

It still has the same issues, except half the characters are literally just there with no rhyme or reason, with the exception of Santa, who straight up changes into a raccoon and an owl solely to punish Mistletoe the cat that somehow is green. Theres no explanation, hes just green. There also these 3 smaller kittens that Santa kidnaps and gives it to Mistletoe, thus giving him more punishment. After that, Spookley does the only good thing to run into the woods to save Mistletoe, but gets brutally beaten by the weather. After a few bland musicals, we learn at the end that the farm is indeed runned by legit humans. Or just 2 kids, and the parents fled, which makes me question: If this was a sequel, then how do the humans not realize that their scarecrow is stupid, the pumpkins are alive, and they have 2 bats- oh speaking of the 2 bats, they hardly appear. They seem to have just died in the bridge thanks to the cold. Thats the only good thing I can say about this movie. Kind of wished the scarecrow got attacked too.

Reviewed by MissAbigblueworld5 / 10

This movie isn't bad.

It's okay, the animation is very good, better then the original, but it's music is a little, boring.

The poster is a good recap of what i've said, the story, is, well, alright, I think more of the cats would be cute.

Reviewed by lexibird-6452610 / 10

Greatest animation I have ever seen!

The animation in this film is just *chefs kiss* and the characters designs are a 10/10. The lip syncing is clearly done professionally as well as the voice acting. The songs in this are an absolute BOP and "sung" soooooooo well!

I love the colour scheme of the cat! The bright green really created an amazing contrast against the red! And his voice perfectly matched it! (He's my favourite- he's hot, don't know his name tho)

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