Spenser Confidential


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Mark Wahlberg Photo
Mark Wahlberg as Spenser
Colleen Camp Photo
Colleen Camp as Mara
Michael Gaston Photo
Michael Gaston as Boylan
Alan Arkin Photo
Alan Arkin as Henry Cimoli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seanroger-829638 / 10

Thumbs up

The movie was simple yet enjoyable. It had a good flow and the actors worked well with each other having good on screen chemistry. I would recommend watching.

Reviewed by Instant_Palmer7 / 10

Batman & Robin, Millennial Style

Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg were on the same page when drawing up this neo-noir action-comedy buddy film.

Never aspiring to more than great entertainment with the simple message that sometimes the good guys DO win, and doing the right thing is the only way to live one's life, the dynamic duo of Wahlberg (Batman) and Winston Duke (A linebacker sized Robin) "upper-cut" punch their way through a fringe dirty-cop cartel in Boston as "everyman" heroes.

Alan Arkin takes on the "Alfred" role with his usual perfect droll advice and view of the world, and Iliza Shlisinger as a South Bostie version of Lois Lane (yes, I know LL comes from a different Super Hero comic;) rounds out the Bat-Team.

Lots of fun and action once the back-story is developed enough to set the stage, with a perfect mix of wry humor doled out throughout.

The cliched story of your average Joe/Jane rising to extraordinary circumstances to help out a wronged good cop by a cartel of bad guys and bad cops, works in this film, which does not apologize for being great fun, and does not pretend or aspire to be more than it is.

In the age of fake news and political agendas, great to sit back and enjoy a couple of hours of feel-good good guys win fantasy.

New action franchise? Potential for sequel is approximately 65%.

Reviewed by Floated26 / 10

Solid entertainment

Nothing exactly special about this film. It is the typical Mark Wahlberg actioner, and directed by Peter Berg whom they made several great films together (Lone Survivor, Patriots Day),we knew somewhat what to expect. This is an upgrade from the underwhelming Mile 22.

However knowing that this film went directly to Netflix rather than theaters like their previous collaborations, the expectations shouldn't be as high.

With an interesting premise (had no knowledge of the original material) Spenser Confidential does what it's intended to. Deliver an engaging enough plot, some thrills and action, sone typical comic relief. Well likened characters.

It started off relatively well then dragged a little in the middle but finished solidly. Perhaps just a one time watch but that isn't exactly a bad thing.

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