Camp Confidential: America's Secret Nazis


Action / Animation / Documentary / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edrickcoder9 / 10

An engaging look at a overlooked topic in American history

This is easily one of the more obscure topics ive seen w documentary go about and this one handles it well, In short it's about how Jewish American soldiers were made to interrogate and collect intelligence on captured Nazi scientists, the documentary mainly feeds off of two fascinating interviews of the Jewish soldiers made to do this work. The documentary goes into depth with the emotional state of the soldiers made to look after the people who could have played a part in murdering their families. The animation is superb and it does well at summarizing a relatively complex issue.

Reviewed by jmcauley-17 / 10

An introduction

It's an introduction people, not a college course. What did you expect from a 30 minute animated short? It's something young adults can watch. Educational but not as distributing as say Schindler's List. Makes you want to learn more about the subject. For more, Google Operation Paperclip. This is what is about - I'm surprised they didn't mention it in the program.

Reviewed by roondogbb9 / 10

Excellent documentary 9/10

I'm going to go out on a limb and call this documentary excellent for a number of reasons which I considered while watching the documentary. Most WW2 documentaries made in the recent past have been very sensationalized in order to to perhaps appeal to the masses rather than a narrow base who like world war two in a deep sense, learning facts and figures and small stories etc (youtubers have taken up this rolls) . Documentaries that allow veterans of the war to tell their own story are now almost impossible to make because the majority of them have died because of old age. So having a documentary that has two veterans tell the tale of their unique experience during WW2 is so pleasing but also a bit sad because it will be one of the last such documentaries. This documentary isn't the typical Battle of Normandy or Pearl Harbour documentary thats reasonably common. It looks at a smaller piece of a war that lasted almost a decade (if one includes Japan's early exploits). The story here is the how young Jewish soldiers were made to interrogate while also welcome, potentially useful scientists. I had no idea this occured. It reminded me of a Mark Felton who is a youtuber who makes small videos about the more obscure tales of World War 2. Yet its brought to life, some ww2 footage but mostly with nice animation. Which I found looked quite nice.

Thinking about the strategy of having jews trying to be handlers and interrogators, seems counter productive, but alas it happened. Anyway 9/10 for me as a great ww2 and Netflix documentary. Watch if you enjoy ww2.

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