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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison4 / 10

Sextraterrestrial tosh.

Despite being mortally wounded, Eve—the human/alien hybrid from Species II—gives birth to a daughter, Sara, who is abducted by Dr. Abbot (Robert Knepper),a scientist whose ultimate aim is to win the Nobel prize. The girl quickly reaches adulthood (the grown up Sara is played by blonde hottie Sunny Mabrey, who wastes no opportunity to show off her stunning bod) and soon she is seeking a mate.

Abbot, along with promising student Dean (Robin Dunne),conducts various experiments on the young woman, but with other 'half-breeds' seeking Sara out in order to have sex with her, things eventually go awry.

Although Species III has essentially the same ingredients as its predecessors—a nonsensical storyline, hot nekkid chicks, and lots of gore—this time around the result is less satisfying; this is because they forgot one important factor: to make the film fun! The latest instalment of the series takes itself far too seriously, and suffers badly as a result.

Natasha Henstridge makes a brief appearance at the beginning of this episode, but then its up to a cast of relative unknowns to make this poorly scripted and badly directed mess of a film work; and, guess what.... they fail. I don't blame them, however; with a plot as muddled and poorly conceived as this one, failure was inevitable. Even a cast of Oscar winners couldn't save this one from being a total stinker.

I mean, have you ever heard of a college that is able to fund the building of a revolutionary nuclear fission plant? Me neither, but that doesn't stop the writers of this cack from throwing this dubious element into the mix. And what are the chances of your average college student understanding the complexities of combining alien and human DNA? Pretty slim, I would've thought, but to the students at this college, such things are child's play.

As if to compensate for the film's rather far fetched and tedious storyline, director Brad Turner sees fit to pack in lots of explicit gore (which is always welcome) and another beauty with nice ta-tas—a second foxy alien, played by brunette scorcher Amelia Cooke (who does the decent thing and gets her kit off within minutes).

But even with the blood, guts and bodacious babes, Species III is something of a damp squib.

Reviewed by yossarian1004 / 10

Decent Grade B popcorn movie

Reminiscent of 50's sci-fi in that whomever wrote the script obviously drinks a lot, the acting doesn't always fit the scene being viewed, and there's a tendency to go right to T&A to keep you from noticing, which is fine by me but I noticed anyway. The movie has a pretty good visual look to it and the direction is adequate. However, the ending is nothing more than giving up for lack of anything better to do. As in, "I don't know what to do here so somebody better start walking off into the sunset." If what you wanted was to sit down and watch something that almost qualifies as science fiction and doesn't suck too badly, then you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Cheaper than ever, but no dip in quality - all three films have been pretty bad

Somehow, somewhere, somebody must have thought there was still money to be made out of the SPECIES franchise, which is why this second sequel to the first film appeared. All these films have been B-movies and SPECIES III is no different, but what is perhaps most surprising is that this one manages to be just as entertaining as the first film – even though it's clearly been made on a much lower budget and without any famous faces.

After a stalled opening sequence, boasting a Natasha Henstridge cameo and some unconvincing FX work, we're introduced to our two leads, a college professor and his bright student. The professor is played by Robert Knepper, no stranger to B-movies, and he does a pretty good job playing the usual dedicated-to-the-point-of-being-obsessed scientist role. Better still is Robin Dunne as the college kid lead; Dunne is better than the material on offer here, and to be honest he was the main reason I kept on watching.

With Henstridge out of the picture, Sunny Mabrey takes over the killer alien role, although she's less violent and more sensual than the Henstridge model. Mabray is no actress, but then Henstridge wasn't either, and at least she isn't shy in the nudity stakes, so there's some continuity there. Sadly, the worst thing is the script, which has long slow stretches of nothing much happening and then rushes the action at the climax. Sometimes the main characters just disappear for ages and we're saddled with side characters who don't really count for much. Christopher Neame, forever remembered as Johnny Alucard in Dracula A.D. 1972, pops up as a stuffy officious type who gets messily offed.

There are a couple of good gore sequences, including my favourite moment which has a human/alien hybrid literally dissolving into tentacled mush, but the CGI-ridden climax is laughable rather than effective and somewhat reminiscent of TERMINATOR 3. This time around, the female alien is somebody in a suit, and they look just like that – a person in a suit. There's a funny scene in which a security guard is split in half, though, along with a retread of that 'tongue' death from the first film.

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