The Butterfly

2002 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ecjones19518 / 10

Sweet and ephemeral

I can't remember the last time I watched a movie to the end of the credits and immediately went back to the titles and watched it all over again. I was in need of some cheering up. Parents can watch "The Butterfly" with their children and everyone in the room will enjoy it.

It is a pleasure to see a child actor who is as natural and believable as Claire Bouanich. I'm guessing she didn't know she was working with a legend -- but maybe she did. Anyway, she more than holds her own with Michel Serrault.

Some of the "life lessons" taught in "The Butterfly" are a little pat. Some of the coincidences are a bit contrived. But that's OK. The beautiful scenery, witty banter between the two leads and the lessons they learn from each other make up for any deficiencies. Sometimes what we need or want most in our lives really is right under our noses. This movie is a gentle reminder of that basic truth. Very sweet and endearing.

Reviewed by The_Pc10 / 10

They still make great movies!

This movie is just what movies are supposed to be about, about people, their interaction, the way they evolve as a result... life. Add to that great dialogue, good acting and a great photography and you got a movie that should be on the top 20 list of anyone looking for real movies.

The fact that the underlying storyline has already been brought several times to the big screen, with the same dexterity or not, does not detract from the fact that this film combines all its elements in a mix that positions it above the crowd. Serrault's movies might not all have been of this quality, but in recent years he has certainly managed to bring us several movies where the humane aspect of his characters prevail.

Do not start looking for logical explanations for certain elements of the movie, do not psychoanalyse it and try to find faults... this movie is just like life itself, sometimes logical, sometimes illogical, often random. Just watch, enjoy and get carried away by the witty dialogue. Despite all the adversities one might encounter, it's those little things - how insignificant they may be - that make it worthwhile and helps everyone become the unique individuals we are.

This is a sincere movie suitable for the whole family that manages to stay out of the tear-jerker or kiddy movie categories. Special mention also for the soundtrack! If you liked this you might also want to check out The Malabar Princess.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

A marvelous gem

This movie features exceptional acting (particularly by the adorable little girl),good writing and does not degenerate to saccharine. Unlike some family films, what occurs in the movie is NOT straight by the numbers, predictable and completely wrapped up in the end--a definite plus for me!

The story is about a cranky old butterfly collector who is pulled into (against his will) the world of a very lonely child. The script says she is 9 years-old, though she appears younger. Usually, I hate child actors/actresses. They often seem to "play the role of a kid" instead of behaving believably. This child, though unusual, seems like a REAL child and her dialog was written by someone who has actually been around kids. What a concept!

This movie is good for all ages. Guys will also like it because although it is a sensitive film, it is not a tear-jerker or a "chick flick"--it's just a nice film written about real people. Hollywood would greatly benefit by learning from this movie's example.

By the way, DON'T turn off the film when the final credits start to roll. Watch and listen--it's an adorable way to end a wonderful film.

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