Southern Comfort


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh75%
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Peter Coyote as Poole
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Keith Carradine as Spencer
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Fred Ward as Reece
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry9 / 10

Thought Vietnam was rough? Wait until you visit the Cajun Swamps!

Thank the heavens for John Boorman! If it hadn't been for his classic "Deliverance", we never would have had the stream of gritty and relentless "Backwoods" action & horror movies. Most of them are just a cheap excuse to make fun of stereotypical rednecks and depict gratuitous violence, but some are truly great films that come damn near to the quality level of "Deliverance" itself, like Walter Hill's "Southern Comfort". This exhilarating backwoods survival chiller uses some of the best exterior filming locations ever, the suspense and atmosphere of madness gradually builds itself up, the (almost) all-star cast is terrific and the violence is extremely rough at times. A nine-headed squadron of the Louisiana National Guard enrolls into a training practice in the Cajun Swamps and soon get lost. They borrow three canoes of the local population without asking and when one of the soldiers playfully (but stupidly) fires off blanks in their direction, the unseen Cajuns hillbilly-poachers respond with real bullets. This inflicts a disturbing cat and mouse game between the soldiers (with minimal ammunition and no knowledge of the area) and the seemingly invisible Cajuns (with their primitive hunting instincts and inventive booby traps). Usually in this type of flicks, it's obvious to choose which side you're on, but in "Southern Comfort" you have to think at least twice. The soldiers aren't exactly warm and friendly men, neither, and you're more than often tempted to think they're somewhat responsible for the mess they're in. After all, they did steal the canoes, they did set fire to one of the Cajun's homes and they did yell obscure things at them! The finale, set in an actual Cajun community, is truly nail-biting, absorbing and strangely educational, what with all the portrayal of typical rituals like dance parties and barbecuing! Another masterful period accomplishment from Walter Hill, who also made the brilliant cult classic "The Warriors" and the family-western "The Long Riders".

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo9 / 10

Southern Greetings.

Now this is a atmospheric survival action film and Walter Hill at his peak. Love it! It's so simple (although streaming through it is a biting allegory about the Vietnam War),but nonetheless exhilarating, tense and raw film-making. Sure the acting and dialogues aren't master-class, but however they're commendably pulled off. In which case Powers Boothe (whose booming voice takes charge) and Keith Carradine (excellently pitched as the guy of reasoning) are terrific leads, and the support Fred Ward (a memorably hot-head and tooting turn),T.K Carter, Lewis Smith, Franklyn Seales, Peter Coyote and Brion James are also quite compelling. Tough, authentic and a real sense of claustrophobic tension stems from the actor's rapport and cynical script. This blends well with the brutal bloody violence (like the barnstorming climax with the powerful freeze frame closing) and the dank, devouring swamp terrain that ultimately swallows them up. But where I think it's at its most effective is during the interludes of Ry Cooder's fascinatingly folksy music score. Each time it creeps in, it demonstrates the right illustrations to the striking visuals and harrowing moods. Cooder's handling is multi-layered and truly echoing. From a relaxing southern flavour, to a haunting stillness and a punishing sting. It's cohesively perfect in it's random shifts. Hill's bravura direction holds up tautly, as the well-used slow motion is suitably done and the highly measured suspense piercingly infused. I liked how the hunters are kept as void-like background figures, because towards the end it makes the whole paranoid feeling and unease thrillingly justified.

Reviewed by mark.waltz7 / 10

Shocking violence, a war at home.

With a great cast of all men, this swamp set war training film has the soldiers dealing with their fellow Americans, resulting in a battle that started over the use of the Cajun locals canoes that resulted in booby traps. Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe and Fred Ward are the familiar actors in the film, one that ends up being nail biting and greatly disturbing. The locals are ruthless in their non-stop revenge that results in some very gruesome and painful deaths. You have to be in the mood for a film like this, and I remember being very disturbed by it the first time I saw it 40 years ago.

So be greatly prepared for encounters with the traps placed in what will obviously be watery graves, maybe not as vile as what occurred in Vietnam but obviously equally as sinister. One of the soldiers meets his demise in the most shocking and sudden ways, reminding me of Boris Karloff in "The Lost Patrol". There are even impalements that come out of nowhere, so be prepared for the unexpected. Coming from a time when there were tons of movies about the horrors of the Vietnam War, this was obviously passed over as a modern classic, but though I won't be watching it again, I can say that this is just as good as the others even though it doesn't have any Oscar's to its name.

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