Southern Belles


Comedy / Romance

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Anna Faris Photo
Anna Faris as Belle Scott
Justin Chambers Photo
Justin Chambers as Rhett Butler
Frederick Weller Photo
Frederick Weller as Tracy Hampton
Laura Breckenridge Photo
Laura Breckenridge as Bell Granger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elskootero10 / 10

A movie this good-Made in 2005!?!?

I saw this film just two weeks ago and would have sworn it was a romantic comedy from the late 60's or early to mid- 70's: but it was made in 2005, and it's one of the nicest, corniest, sweetest movies I've ever seen. Anna Faris is at her usual comedic best, but Laura Breckenridge steals the show! She is so cute, sweet, and 99 other adjectives for adorable!! You just want to hug her and protect her from the world! The movie follows two women, named Bell and Belle (hence the name) as they want to leave their small town to go to Atlanta to seek fame and fortune, but will they compromise their innocence and sweet naiveté in the process? The ending is pure joy, and if you don't cheer for them, you're not human! It's GREAT!!!

Reviewed by mgarza-99 / 10

Loved it!

The first time I saw this movie, I came into it where the girls were wearing matching pink suits. Something about it immediately grabbed my interest, and I was glued to the set.

I managed to find it again and got to watch it from the beginning. Still love it! My only complaint is that it's too short. Well, there was also one little side storyline that came out of nowhere and was left hanging.

The characters have a depth you wish could be explored further. I'd love to see a sequel that follows up with Belle and Margery. And maybe even Kevin.

Reviewed by mysticwit8 / 10

Southern Fun

If you're from the south, live in the south, or have spent any time there, you'll appreciate the irreverent humor in SOUTHERN BELLES.

Two life long friends, Bell and Belle, decide to move to Atlanta. Bell is tired of working in the discount store from hell. But Bell has a boyfriend, a rap loving cracker who's car is under Bell's name. Only it's not so easy to leave town.

SOUTHERN BELLES makes fun of the south and people in it with the sensibility of someone who's been there, with a lot of insight, and a lot of heart. Both lead actresses are well cast and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

It's not destined to be a blockbuster, but you're sure to leave with a grin.

Look for the GONE WITH THE WIND references throughout the film.

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