Silent Hours


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled12%
IMDb Rating5.2101103

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Indira Varma Photo
Indira Varma as Dr. Catherine Benson
Hugh Bonneville Photo
Hugh Bonneville as Commander William Calthorpe
Dervla Kirwan Photo
Dervla Kirwan as DI Jane Ambrose
Alistair Petrie Photo
Alistair Petrie as Lieutenant Charles 'Chuck' Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-148505 / 10

Patience reveals the storyline...

For a porn film, this has a relatively coherent storyline. A supposedly suave private detective possesses an inexplicable ability to cause women to become instantly 'in heat' if he so much as looks at them. Are we to believe he's as intriguing, captivating, and dangerous as James Bond? Actually, he looks more like the guy who tiled my bathroom. But in between all the sausage-hiding, there is a decent story. Just be prepared to dig deep for patience to find it.

Reviewed by Janet16121 / 10

Poor acting and way too many sex scenes

What's happened to British film making?? Bad, Woden acting and unnecessary graphic sex scenes does not a good film make. I've never seen the actor playing the lead before - I hope I never do again. He was so wooden, flat and boring.

The film is too long and the first few scenes are of graphic sex - here's an idea, maybe if they cut the sex scenes, or the scene with the woman in her undies standing at a window fondling herself (what was the point of that?) - or the scene when the wooden actor P. I. has a massage and the wooden actress playing the masseuse tells him a tale of her 'visions'. Had she not been so wooden and boring we may have taken note of what she was saying (she was obviously given the role not for her acting but for two other reasons). When he started pulling down the zip of her coat, exposing her breasts, we both decided that the sex scenes were too much - were we watching a carry on film? We wondered why the information she gave couldn't have been done over a telephone call, thus cutting some of this crap film. Oh but then there wouldn't be the exposing of breasts would there? Silly me.

It was obvious to all of us who the cut up body was in the photos!

The wooden acting, the long drawn out story, the unnecessary graphic scenes made this is a cringeworthy load of crap. NB: a few recognisable British actors, but we all agreed that they'd all lost their acting skills while working on this 'film'. Poor, poor, poor.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

In the moaning hours

Yes there is quite a lot of intercourse in this movie (that funnily enough seems to also exist as a 3 part series too) - but don't get too excited. Or maybe do, especially considering that those scenes probably will be the highlights for most - no pun intended.

The acting varies if you are being kind. If not you probably will feel every cringe worthy moment ... maybe you can be forgiving, maybe not. Maybe you'll care who did it, maybe you don't. All that does not take away from the fact that something is evidently missing here (no pun intended again) ... and it is not nudity or blood - if that plays a role in your "enjoyment" of this movie ... I may be a bit too nice when it comes to the rating, but that is me mostly. So be wary before you embark on this adventure, because it's likely that whether you predict who did it or not (I think it is quite obvious) or whether you'll even be able to find one likeable character in this ... the one thing that is almost certain: this won't make it to many top 5 lists or will be rewatched by many.

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