All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997)



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Reviewed by nbaadshaug10 / 10

Accurate Adaptation of the Place & Time

If you grew up during this era it is everything you remember living in the tri-state area. The connection between hip hop and skateboarding in NYC is indescribable and this documentary shows it's impact on both cultures and their bond. Beautifully done in my opinion.

Reviewed by MovieCriticOnline2 / 10

Naw, it's a big MEH

Someone told me to watch this so I did. This was much more of a home video or people reminiscing over the old days than a focused structure of a story. I also get a feeling they played hard and fast with the facts, but the biggest problem was it was all over the place. It took one step forward and then two steps back. There was no coherent narrative storyline. On one hand, it seems to be focusing on a Club called Mars, then on the other hand it went to skateboarding, and almost became a bio of one skater, Harold, in particular. Then a radio show, then a DJ, then a clothing line and the list went on and on with subjects.

In the end, there were too many ideas crammed into one film but without any payoff. It was really kinda frustrating because with some focus and maybe one storyline it could have been interesting. They tried to make connections where none were.

I think they found some old home videotapes and decided let's make a movie from it, but didn't take the time to write out a coherent structure or idea.

If you are interested in early hip hop or NYC go watch Wild Style (though not for the story),Style Wars, Beat Street.

I say skip it.

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