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Reviewed by eileenmchenry7 / 10

Wonderfully awful!

A rare treasure for the seeker after endearingly bad movies. Full of logical gaps, thudding dialogue, no-goodnik Russians and, of course, KILLER SHARKS! Features a plot stitched together from leftover scraps of 'Jaws' and 'Austen Powers' and shark-attack scenes edited with a woodchipper. You will watch and enjoy this one over and over, but probably not for the reasons the filmmakers hoped.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Growling sharks make for a cheesy and stupid shark movie...

Right, well I found this movie in a discount bin and decided to give it a go, since it is a shark movie. I must admit that I had absolutely no expectations to the movie, because the vast majority of available shark movies turn out to be questionable attempts at best.

Right, well with no expectations I couldn't get disappointed. Which was a good thing, because this movie had so many things wrong with it.

The sharks in "Shark Zone" were growling. Seriously? Growling?! That was just fundamentally stupid on so many levels. Clearly it was done to make the sharks more scary, but that is not how it worked out. Instead, it just made it seem cheesy and downright ridiculous. Sharks are silent hunters and killers.

I must admit that I was more than perplexed at how the scuba divers were able to talk underwater. Especially so when their breathing mouthpieces were clearly not designed to allow the divers to speak. That was just idiotic.

It was hilarious to watch the divers in the helicopter wearing air tanks on their backs, but then when they jumped out of the helicopter these air tanks were magically gone. Could it be because they were using stock footage from somewhere and didn't even bother to take these missing aspects into consideration. Which happened a lot throughout the movie. There were so many continuity errors throughout "Shark Zone", mostly thanks to stock footage from documentaries being used in abundance here.

Most of the shark sequences were also just stock footage from shark documentaries, and it was painstakingly clear that it was. Which just further hammered in the nail in this sinking debris of a movie. And get this, they were allegedly Jurassic sharks. Jurassic sharks? Seriously?!

The scene with the divers in shark cages was just horrible to witness. The divers had red and blue markings on their head pieces of their diving suits. But whenever they opted to shy away from their stock footage and use actual filmed footage of the actors, guess what? Yep, there was no red or blue markings on the head pieces. Another glorious fail right there.

And for some reason they kept using the same clips of the sharks over and over throughout the entire movie.

All in all, "Shark Zone" is a sinker and a stinkers. There is no reason for why you should suffer through this ordeal of a movie. Some of us took a bullet for you by watching this abysmal shark movie, so you don't have to suffer like we did.

Reviewed by wes-connors3 / 10

Choppy Shark Tale

In 1712, the "Santa Cruz" is sidetracked by a storm while sailing for the Americas. The ship sinks. Hundreds of yeas later, handsome young Dean Cochran (as Jimmy Wagner) joins his father and an expedition diving for diamonds rumored to have gone down with the ship. A tragic shark attack occurs, but Mr. Cochran survives. Ten years later, Cochran is head man in a San Francisco beach community. He has a beautifully-proportioned wife, Brandi Sherwood (as Carrie). They have a cute son, Luke Leavitt (as Danny). Due to his traumatic experience, Cochran has bad dreams about sharks...

After a swarm of killer sharks massacres a bunch of swimmers, Cochran wants to close the beach. Because there is a lucrative fiesta planned, business-minded mayor Alan Austin (as John Cortell) wants the beach open. Velizar Binev (as Volkoff ),a persuasive Russian, wants Cochran to help him find the "Santa Cruz" treasure. Since the diamonds went down in the "Shark Zone", it could be dangerous. This unexciting re-hash of "Jaws" (1975) looks like it was cobbled together from various sources. Appearing very choppy; it might have been the best they could do, under the circumstances.

*** Shark Zone (10/14/03) Danny Lerner ~ Dean Cochran, Alan Austin, Brandi Sherwood, Velizar Binev

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