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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OllieSuave-0078 / 10

The better of the Jaws sequels.

This is Jaws' second sequel, which I think is the best of the three following the original movie. The sons of Roy Scheider's Chief Brody character, Mike and Sean, take center stage. Mike and girlfriend Kathryn Morgan are marine biologists at a Seaworld theme park. They discover a baby shark, which happened to be trapped inside the park, and later perishes. To their surprise, the scientists also discover that its 35-foot mother, a huge Great-White shark, is also trapped inside and is hungry; therefore, they try to evacuate Seaworld before any casualties strike.

The special effects were bit of a downgrade from the first two movies, with the shark's execution being less realistic and horrific; in some scenes, you could hear the animatronics and machinery that the crew used to operate the animal. Alan Parker did a fine job on the music score, I think, and also incorporated John Williams' famous shark theme.

While this film was pretty much slammed by many critics and viewers, even garnering several Razzie Award nominations, I actually thought the movie was exciting and more fun to watch than Jaws II. Having the setting inside a water theme park rather than the usual beaches in a small town is a neat idea, and seeing the Seaworld workers reacting to the idea that a huge Great White is inside the park, where thousands of visitors are, and trying desperately to find a plan to evacuate the park and capture the shark is suspenseful. The acting is descent and plot is fast-paced. Director Joe Alves did a pretty good job making the movie.

There are more surprises and thrilling moments, I think, than in the previous movie. My favorite scene is the part where the Great White swims toward the viewing glass from the park's control room, puncturing the glass, letting water rush in and sending every person inside swimming for their lives.

Overall, Jaws III doesn't match the original film in fright and shock value, but is what I think the better of the three sequels.

Grade B

Reviewed by ma-cortes3 / 10

Another inferior and embarrassing sequel from Spielberg classic

The Great White goes back into the cinema in this flawed sequel.This bone-chilling movie based on the Peter Benchley's novel and written by Richard Matheson and Carl Gottlieb (screenwriter of the trilogy) , it packs some exciting scenes, thrills, chills and lousy direction. The film is developed at Florida in a seaside park , while the previous entries are set at in New England in a shore community named Amity .There ,people is terrorized by a giant shark that attacks pacific tourists at the undersea kingdom during the preview week. An underwater world that contains restaurant, cafeteria, aquarium and several other things.The sons ( Dennis Quaid and John Putch) of Police chief Brody ( Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary Jaws I,II) attempt to convince the park owner (Louis Gossett Jr) who reluctantly listen them to close the attraction . Meanwhile the giant shark attacks and the victims run afoul and making a real carnage and those serving for lunch. Then, an adventurer named Phillip(Simon MacCorkindale) and his helper determine to track down and kill it. The protagonists are forced to fight for their lives in a mortal confrontation.

It's an inferior following with average creation of tension,thrills,terror, emotions and brief gore. The story gets little relation to first two Jaws, except by father Sheriff Brody and sons relationship. The argument of this gratuitous following is partially similar to ¨Revenge of the creature¨(Jack Arnold) in which also a monster terrorizes a sea park. The shark attack images deliver the exciting united to creepy score composed and conducted by Alan Parker inspired on the classic soundtrack by the master John Williams (prized with an Oscar) who heightens the suspense. This below average movie features lousy interpretations of the quintet main star, Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Louis Gossett Jr, John Putch and Lea Thompson (formerly to ¨Back to the future¨) . Regular cinematography by James A Contner (subsequently filmmaker) and is badly directed by Joe Alves, producer designer of the original film. While the classic picture by Spielberg obtained three Oscars well deserved and today considered an authentic classic, its tree sequels are much worst, and were respectively directed by Jeannot Swarc,Joe Alves and Joseph Sargent in annoying direction. Rating: Bottom of barrel, a real turkey. Only for theaters, its real asset are the 3D digital effects, for that reason in television lost their spectacular Tri-dimensional qualities.

Reviewed by MartinHafer2 / 10

Help, help...we're 90 minutes from the ocean and somehow a killer shark STILL is attacking us!!!

When I began watching "Jaws 3-D" I had to laugh. According to IMDB and the film itself, it was filmed at Sea World in Orlando. Well, Orlando is about 90 minutes from the ocean....and there is no way ANY shark could attack there as there are only lakes around the property. I am sure that a lot of other Floridians had to laugh at this as well.

The first portion of "Jaws 3-D" wasn't that bad. Sure, there were some cheap 3-D tricks reminscent of "SCTV" and their 'Dr. Tongue' skits....but the story wasn't too stupid. However as the film progressed, the 3-D stunts got worse as did the horrid underwater sequences and, especially, the plot. We are to believe that a 35 foot Great White shark is angry because its baby was killed (sharks have zero maternal instinct by the way) and it attacks and destroys much of an underwater sea park...and, it growls!! The premise is ridiculous and the whole thing is carried off in the crappiest possible way. For examples, as people are supposedly walking around in tunnels under the sea, it's obvious that the external shots were sloppily added later....and when you see subs and other things under the water, it's obvious they were done using a green screen and VERY poorly added later. On the big screeen this must have been paritcularly jarring to watch! As for the shark itself, despite nearly a decade between this film and the original "Jaws", the shark manages to look even LESS lifelike! This is especially true in the ultra-slow motion scene towards the end when it smashes the control room...and ultimately meets its doom. You just have to see it to believe it!!

Overall, a dopey movie with abominable special effects. One positive thing, however, about the film...it proves that acting in such a movie will NOT necessarily kill your career or your reputation. Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, for example, managed to make this pile of crap and still have some self-respect. Strangely, despite all its many deficiencies...the movie still managed to make money!!

If you didn't know, this movie is currently #60 on IMDB's infamous Bottom 100 List. I can how it made it, as the list consists of the worst major releases and even after 36 years, folks STILL remember it and hate it. A terrible film.

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