Shark Attack in the Mediterranean

2004 [GERMAN]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by GMTMaster1 / 10

Flimsy story that works for teenagers

Flimsy story that works for teenagers

Where to begin, where to stop, in this 'Jaws' rip off made for TV?

Rolf Moeller plays a tough former marine diver, living with his daughter all alone on the Spanish island Mallorca. A shark is roaming the waters, but not your ordinary shark. An ancient species supposedly extinct since 100.000 years. A couple of people die, till the secret of the sharks existent is revealed and Rolf could finish his personal vendetta, since this very shark had killed his wife three year back…

Did you notice Rolf never took his shirt of in this flick? Great you hire 6'6' actor Moeller and have him act in a leather jacket on a summer vacation island. I don't expect Rolf to act, but pump it up man… The story is so flimsy its real hard not to laugh all the time through. Best part is Janet Biedermann, (German starlet) who appears out of nowhere so she can plug her singing career. SFX on the shark aren't too bad for TV, while the sharks teeth are simply laughable. RTL produced this mindless story and shoots huge ratings, that's how TV works – unfortunately

Reviewed by IamnotGeorgeKaplan5 / 10

It's really bad, but I liked it.

I watched an English dubbed version of this, and I liked it. It's a bad, bad, bad movie but it's enjoyable for a couple of reasons.

First, its fun to spot the ripoffs. The main plot is a mash of Jaws and Jurassic Park. I guess the makers really like Spielberg, because there's also a sequence that looks just like it was lifted from Duel. It also rips off a scene from the Terminator. I bet there's a bunch more 'borrowed' moments that I missed. Feel free to add more.

Second, there are a couple of 'did that really just happen moments?' in the film. There's a rich playboy that pops up a couple of times that talks about the German Barbecue Association, and a band that plays a song all about 69, just to start. I'd also put the Terminator sequence in this category.

Finally, there's just a bunch of stupid stuff, like helicopter pilots on long trips that don't go more than 100 feet off the ground, poorly composited special effects, and some really bad dubbing, that merit pointing out to friends and making fun of.

To some up: it's a bad movie, but its enjoyable with the right frame of mind. Or maybe my standards are just slipping.

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon2 / 10

Shugalum! shugalum!

When a grieving widow (Moeller) discovers that a prehistoric shark – Megalodon – is responsible for the death of a swimmer, he suspects it might also be the same shark that killed his wife and two other divers several years earlier. Convincing newly appointed micro-biologist (Stinshoff) proves relatively easy, but she's oblivious to the grand scheme that has created the giant shark from living DNA recovered from a frozen specimen found in the Antarctic. Of all places to base a cutting edge cancer research facility, no doubt the idyllic Mediterranean tax haven of Mallorca would be the most sensible. At least that's what the makers of this film would have the audience believe.

The over-used CGI shark is typically unrealistic and so out-of-proportion and scale that it scarcely conjures any excitement or thrills. Even the shark swarm in the first scene is disappointing, once again courtesy of the CGI effects that give every attack a video-game quality. This German production's English dubbing is some of the worst (and unintentionally hilarious) you'll come across – the sight of big Ralf running down the beach shouting "Shugalum, shugalum" (that's meant to be "shark alarm, shark alarm" in Bavarian accent) a dozen times will have you in stitches. At least the producers had the foresight to anticipate the drudgery to which this would ultimately amount, and incorporated some quirky humour to lighten up the tone. There's a number of genuine laughs (as opposed to the unintentional ones) throughout, one in particular paying homage to "The Terminator" which works well. The obese BBQ chef and his bevy of scantily clad accoutrements who lends Ralf a luxury car or two is also a comic highlight.

But despite the eclectic editing, sometimes witty dialogue, postcards of Mallorca and stylish stunt-work (some great car maneuvers and helicopter acrobatics),there's little else to recommend this movie, which borrows heavily from several others of the ilk ("Deep Blue Sea" in particular),but achieves much less. Hanselmann's bikini-clad villainy is perhaps the most worthwhile aspect in this whole travesty; that or Ralf's physique, depending on your persuasion. Either way, it's not enough to entertain a second time.

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