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Reviewed by deedrala2 / 10

Don't believe the 10/10 reviews here

Secrets of an Escort/The Other Me (I'll never understand why LMN flicks always have two titles)

This movie was nowhere near the 10 score that all the gushing reviewers here have given it - believe me. They must be friends and relatives of the lead actress who they've made such a point of to overly praise her acting abilities. Any ten year old could've done the part just as well as she did. Any toaster oven could do the part as passable as she did. Meh.

And there was nothing suspenseful about this thing, no matter all the reviewers who went on about how suspenseful and "nail-biting" it It was easy as pie to figure out the villain after the obvious clues given early in the movie: the former college-mate who made a point of telling Connie/Veronica she was divorced and didn't need money, and the main client - William - who's wealthy and made a point of telling Connie he was getting divorced. So when the daughter was kidnapped, of course it was the long-lost sorority sister who was, of course, William's wife, who did it to get revenge on the prostitute William was so in love with, of course!

Bland and boring. And the acting was horrendous.

Side note: as I've mentioned in several other reviews of Lifetime flicks, I wish their crew would make use of lists of male and female names online to discover that there are many other names to use for their movie characters OTHER THAN Allison/Sarah/Terry/William/David/Maya/Jason, etc. There must be around 15 Allisons and 25 Sarahs by now!

Grade D - 2 out of 10.

Reviewed by windsorenquirer1 / 10

Fake reviews alert!

Again! One can't trust IMDb reviews anymore. Three reviews so far, all three 10 stars reviews and all 3 are brand new accounts with only one review each.

This movie is not the worst out there but definitelly not worth 10 stars.

Reviewed by Chartreuse16 / 10

Meh, it was OK but no 10/10...

The scenery was better than the movie! Filmed entirely in lush and tropical Honolulu. I want to go back! Connie moonlights as a call girl but freaks out when her teen daughter goes missing. Did one of her "johns" take her? Where is she? You will have to tune in to find out. Recommended for a one-time watch.

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