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Reviewed by georgep5310 / 10

One Of the Best Films Of the Year

I'm going to add my voice such as it is to the chorus of accolades for "Searching For Sugar Man". I loved it. It is indeed an incredible true story about a folk singer named Rodriquez who became a sensation in South Africa while remaining in obscurity in his native US. He's not the first person to be given the boot in his hometown (the Bible has something to say on this subject) but upon listening to the wonderful soundtrack of this film it is a sad commentary. There's plenty of humor here as well in this tale of parallel universes: one in which Rodriquez is Elvis and another where he's scarcely a blip on the radar. The film begins as an investigation by curious fans seeking to learn about the whereabouts of Rodriquez and what may have happened to him. The stories circulating about him are not promising but they are undaunted and continue to search for answers. I think everyone who sees "Searching For Sugar Man" will be thankful that they did.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

You gotta see this one...

"Searching for Sugar Man" is an amazingly strange story--the sort of thing that seems much more like fiction than real life. Back in the early 1970s, Sixto Rodriguez (known only as 'Rodriguez') signed a record deal and life was looking good. However, despite some big fans in the record industry, this didn't equate to sales in the US and his album tanked and Rodriquez faded into obscurity...or so you would think. However, during the latter part of the apartheid era in South Africa, his music somehow evolved into an anthem of the opposition--and his anti-establishment lyrics were perfect for this. However, folks in South Africa assumed Rodriguez had died--and lots of rumors of his death abounded. It's only been in the last part of the 1990s that Rodruguez' whereabouts were discovered and he became a huge sensation when he went on tour. This film chronicles this bizarre rags to....well rags..story. What's so interesting about it is Rodriguez himself. In the film, he doesn't seem to have regrets for the way his life went and seems very humble about his new success. Overall, a wonderfully made and fascinating film--and it comes as no surprise as you watch it that it took the Oscar for Best Documentary (full-length) at this year's award ceremony. Fascinating throughout and there is certainly NOTHING like it when it comes to documentaries!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

musical footnote with a couple of great insights

In the early 70s, Sixto Rodriguez became the biggest singer in the isolated conservative 5South Africa. There was very little known about him and was believed to have committed suicide on stage. His music became anthems against apartheid. Starting in 1968, Rodriguez recorded his music in Detroit. His music is reminiscent of Dylan but never caught on. His story continues to be a mystery until fans from South Africa start searching for his true story. In 1998, he walks onto a South African stage rising from the dead.

Rodriguez is a small footnote in music history. A biography of him is not necessarily the most compelling except for this fascinating quirk of history. It allows for a great insight into 70s South African society that has never been explained in any movie. The interview with Clarence Avant is brilliant. The man turns from a friendly grandfather figure into a defensive crook in a blink of an eye. The family's emotional journey is beyond belief. It's a crazy true story.

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