Sugar Babies


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Keenan Tracey Photo
Keenan Tracey as Sean Clark
Alyson Stoner Photo
Alyson Stoner as Katie Woods
Sarah Dugdale Photo
Sarah Dugdale as Rochelle Cranston
Tiera Skovbye Photo
Tiera Skovbye as Tessa Bouillette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp4 / 10

Money can't buy you (love)

A life time movie you say? Well it was on Prime so I gave it a look. But I do agree with one of the other reviewers (at least, I haven't read all the reviews)! Predictable and melodramatic as expected I reckon. And very PG too, if that is something you care about (or rather like to avoid? Choice is yours).

I personally don't understand why it has to be "babies" and not babes. Babies is not something I consider when I would describe something admirable, in a relationship kind of way, but that is me I guess. And this tries to get something out of something slightly scandalous I reckon. Don't get your hopes up though ... strictly business it is ...

Reviewed by Stoshie6 / 10

Typical for a Lifetime Movie

This is "Babysitter's Black Book" in a college setting instead of high school, with only a slightly different plot device to drive it along. Tiera Skovbye is super attractive, so it's worth watching just for her.

Other than that, don't expect anything great. It's a Lifetime movie. They all follow a formula, so you should know what to expect.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Lifetime lite

Katie Woods (Alyson Stoner) from a poor family starts college. She is befriended by simple college guy Sean and aspiring model classmate Tessa Bouillette (Tiera Skovbye) with rich tastes. Tessa and her boyfriend Leo Granger introduce her to rich James. Tessa has signed up all her friends onto an internet sugar daddy service. Her other friend Rochelle Cranston is a business major recruited to date widower business tycoon Saul Williams and makes it clear that she's looking at him only as a mentor. Katie is given an opportunity to study abroad but she has no way to cover the cost other than to ask James for the money.

This is a limited Lifetime movie. The girls are mostly fine but Stoner lacks the sexiness compared to the other girls. She is good as an awkward innocent but is different from a beautiful innocent. The subject matter is dark but the movie doesn't go dark enough. In fact, most of the movie has a strangely light touch. It's one way to tackle this material but it's not the most compelling.

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