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Robert Blake as Pvt. Hernandez
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Alvy Moore as Pvt. Grimes
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Tom Tryon as Pvt. Mason
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Martin Milner as Pvt. Corliss
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10


In June 1944, the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne is stationed in England. Mason is the outcast after his drunken rampage. They are dropped into Normandy on D-Day to take an important bridge. They are soon lost in the chaos. They capture German soldiers with French girl Marianne doing the translating.

The action style is pretty old fashion. It's about a dozen B-actors and the only one I recognize is Robert Blake. Some of the plot is questionable. It takes away from the realism. Of course, the action is not always the most real. This is a simple old fashion war movie. The scale is not that grand. Most of the characters are non-dimensional. The most infuriating is that the soldiers talk too loudly and too often in enemy territories. It's in line with most B level war movies.

Reviewed by zardoz-135 / 10

Routine World War II Combat Thriller

"Star in the Dust" director Charles F. Haas' routine, black & white, World War II mission-oriented actioneer is based ostensibly on the real-life exploits of the 101st Airborne Division nicknamed 'the Screaming Eagles.' The action takes place before the Allies launched their historic, cross-channel invasion of France at Normandy during on June, 1944, when paratroopers were dropped behind enemy lines to capture bridges intact from the occupying Germans. A couple of new soldiers, Private Mason (Thomas Tryon of "The Glory Guys") and Private Corliss (Martin Milner of "Route 66"),join the 101st before the unit goes into action. Unfortunately, Mason alienates himself from the rest of the company when he embarks on a drunken spree as a result of a Dear John letter from his sweetheart. Naturally, everybody is upset with Mason's disruptive behavior. He turns over the furniture in the barracks and aggravates his commanding officer, Lieutenant Pauling (Jan Merlin of "Illegal"),who threatens to leave him behind. After Mason sobers up, Pauling decides to let him join them as they set off on their mission. The Screaming Eagles bail out over enemy country, but they miss their landing zone and wind up lost in the countryside. Indeed, this happened in real life. Once they've landed, Pauling warns his men not to exchange shots with the Germans. Naturally, Mason screws up when he kills a German soldier with his bayonet. The dying German loosens off a rifle shot and chaos ensues. Mason is reprimanded for his actions. Moments later, during a shooting incident involving a German soldier, Pauling is blinded by power burns from gunshots. He spends the remainder of "Screaming Eagles" wearing a bandage over his eyes. Mason is ordered to take care of Pauling, and he leads the wounded officer around like a tour guide. During a firefight, Mason captures a German soldier and a French woman. They use the French girl to communicate with the German. Most of the action in "Screaming Eagles" is enough to make an eagle scream at the absurdity of it all. Haas stages several combat scenes without a shred of believability. For example, two G.I.s approach a house in plain view of its windows and are surprised when Germans with a machine gun open fire on them. During a body search of the French woman, the G.I.s turn their backs on their German prisoner. Mind you, the German doesn't do anything, but it would have been a prime opportunity for him to engage in some desperate behavior. Later, when they exploit the German prisoner to check on his army with a radio, the Americans neglect to supervise him, and he notifies his own forces by leaving the circuit open so his commanding officer will be aware of the presence of the Americans. Interestingly enough, the G.I.s don't carry out their mission. During the mission, the Americans lose nine men. "Screaming Eagles" has an interesting cast. For a change, veteran villain Jan Merlin actually plays a sympathetic, good guy. Robert Blake has a small role as the token Hispanic in the outfit, and Alvy Moore of "Green Acres" plays it straight as a machine gun toting serviceman. Paul Burke, Mark Damon, and Martin Milner also flesh out a good cast. Altogether, "Screaming Eagles" amounts to very little to scream about because of its unrealistic combat sequences.

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

Their Part Of The War

Screaming Eagles is the story of a company that dropped into France hours before the dawn of D-Day and what happened to them. If you saw The Longest Day and remember the characters of Robert Ryan and John Wayne you know what the total mission of the 101st Airborne Division was. This film could probably be edited right into The Longest Day, but for the presence of Tom Tryon who starred here and was also one of the many stars in The Longest Day.

Jan Merlin plays the Lieutenant in charge of Dog company and just before zero hour for them, Private Tryon gets himself stinking drunk as soldiers are wont to do on occasion. But this wasn't the time for it and the rest of the squad reluctantly takes him along.

Of course Tryon pulls himself together and comes through for his unit as you would expect he would in this film. The odyssey of this company is the subject of the film. Very few make it through to link up with the rest of 101st Airborne.

Merlin spouting all kinds of philosophical dicta was out of place in a war film of this kind. And quite frankly in the real world Tryon would have been sent to the stockade and court marshaled. Then maybe he might have gotten to the continent later in the war.

Former Miss France Jacqueline Beer makes an appearance in Screaming Eagles as a French farm girl who helps our GIs.

The film is an Allied Artists Production and shot on the cheap. Still it is entertaining and exciting in spots and the battle sequences are well done. War film fans might like it.

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