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Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

Umberto Lenzi's terror movie about a haunted house with stabbing, blood, gore and poltergeister phenomenon

A girl : Lara Wendell and her boyfriend : Rhodes, hear strange voices by radio, it leads them to a weird and deserted house where rare happenings take place. Then visions of a deceased little girl and her clown muppet bring creepy doom to the innocent visitors of the strange place. Meanwhile, a nutty man, Donald O'Brien, on the loose is carrying out a criminal spree. We dare you to go inside.. Death holds the mortgage and if you move... They'll be hell to pay. Horror has found a new home. Enter at your own risk. Don't come alone!

Scary and eery film about haunted house made in the peculiar Umberto Lenzi style. This Italian director often uses pseudonyms as Humphrey Logan or Humphrey Humbert and made a number of cannibal, horror and Gialli films , many of them, nowadays, deemed cult movies. However, this terrifying picture is full of flaws, gaps and failures, in spite of it, resulting to be entertaining and surprising enough. There is a lot of gore, blood, including beheading, slashing, guillotining and anything else . Ghastly events taking place when protagonists show up at the creepy mansion with a bizarre small girl and her fantastic doll appearing spontaneously and causing horrible slaughters , while frightening to spectator with her scary abilities. The flick ripps off and takes parts here and there of other films, as Steve Miner's House, Evil dead, Exorcist, Dawn of the dead, Amytiville saga, among others. Features an unknown cast , exception for the slightly known Lara Wendell, Mary Sellers who starred various terror, dramas in the 70s, 80s and Donald O'Brien who performed a number of Spaghetti Western and horror movies in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

This horrifying motion picture was middlingly directed by Umberto Lenzi. He was an Italian craftsman who directed all kind of genres such as Wartime: Bridge to hell, The biggest battle, Tempi di guerra, Wild team, The damned brigade, From hell to victory, Desert commando, The damned brigade. Poliziesco : Roma a mano armade, Napoli Violenta, Manhunt in the city , From Corleone to Brooklyn, The executioner, Brothers till we die. Eurospy : Superseven chiama Cairo, 008 operation exterminate, Kriminal. Terror and Cannibal fims : Sacrifice! Cannibal Feroz, Comidos vivos, House of witchcraft, Hell's gate , Invasion of Atomic Zombies. Giallo : Wide-eyed on the dark, Orgasmo, Spasmo, Paranoia. Spaguetti Westerns : Tutto per tutto, Pistol for a hundred coffins. Adventures : Invincible masked rider, Catalina of Russia, Triumph of Robin Hood, Temple of the white elephant, Adventures Mary Read, Sandokan, Pirates of Malasya, Zorro versus Maciste, among others. Ghosthouse rating : 5/10.

Reviewed by Coventry5 / 10

The Italian Evil Dead sequel ... with an awesome demonic dummy!

What's the connection between Sam Raimi's legendary horror classics "The Evil Dead 1 & 2" and this low-keyed Italian haunted house horror movie directed by the notorious Umberto Lenzi ("Cannibal Ferox", "Nightmare City")? Absolutely no connection, you'd think, and yet thanks to promoting the film as a genuine sequel to "The Evil Dead", "Ghosthouse" became a huge commercial success in its home country. Say what you want about those unscrupulous Italian movie producers, but they undeniably have terrific marketing talents. Still, even in spite of the deceptive promotional campaign and the gazillions of negative reviews, I personally think "Ghosthouse" is a hugely entertaining and deliciously cheesy 80's horror movie. The graphic gore and clumsy execution are obviously the main elements to adore here, but still the film also features some ingenious conceptual ideas and even a handful of effectively creepy gimmicks. The opening sequences are downright fantastic and even raise the impression you're about to see a legitimate lost horror classic. The level of quality and intensity severely decreases immediately after the intro scenes, but still "Ghosthouse" remains a fun movie.

An amateur broadcaster and his girlfriend head for a secluded and abandoned old mansion after they picked up disturbing radio signals coming from there. They team up with another trio of teenagers and discover the mansion is cursed ever since a macabre entity savagely killed the original owners. The nosy teen-detectives soon begin to spot appearances of a blond girl with an uncanny clown doll, accompanied with the supremely eerie tunes of a lullaby. When bodies start piling up, the police suspect the limb caretaker but obviously the house's past is coming back to haunt the trespassers. Very few story elements in "Ghosthouse" make perfect sense but - let's face it - intelligence and flawless continuity are the last things you expect in a rapidly produced Umberto Lenzi movie. The story behind the girl and her dummy is fairly creative, the filming locations are well chosen and the murders are marvelously engrossing … That's more than satisfying enough for me. There's never a dull moment and the lullaby, albeit terribly over-used, is one of the most horrific sounds I ever heard. The acting performances (or should I say dubbing jobs) are unspeakably atrocious, though. Especially Lara Wendel's lines hurt your ears. Oh and also, there's no nudity. What the hell is that about, Umberto?

Reviewed by BA_Harrison3 / 10

Dreadful haunted house rubbish from Umberto Lenzi.

Hiding behind the ridiculous soubriquet Humphrey Humbert, Umberto Lenzi (of Cannibal Ferox fame) directed this lame late 80s Italian/US co-production that starts off bad, and then rapidly goes downhill.

The film is a mish-mash of dumb, illogical, spooky (and sometimes deadly) happenings which occur to a group of teens staying at a deserted house. The cause of these supernatural events: the tormented spirit of a girl who is cursed to haunt the building because her father, a funeral director, gave her a clown-doll which he stole from the coffin of a dead child (what a great father: bringing home his daughter an ugly-as-sin present lifted from a corpse!).

Also mixed-up in the strange occurrences are a young couple who have followed a mysterious signal that they picked up on their ham radio set; they arrive at the house just as the weird and grisly deaths begin.

Lenzi's film is totally devoid of suspense, has plenty of elements which make no sense whatsoever (including a disappearing Doberman and a killer caretaker with a limp),features lousy acting, some dreadful special FX and some even worse examples of 80s fashion, and completely rips off the Tobe Hooper/Spielberg hit Poltergeist for several scenes (however, with a much smaller budget and a less talented crew, the results are laughable).

Lenzi's next film, Le Porte dell'inferno, was further proof--as if we really needed it--that the director's best days behind the camera had long since gone.

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