Scent of Mystery


Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled20%
IMDb Rating5.510377


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Elizabeth Taylor Photo
Elizabeth Taylor as The Woman of Mystery
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Peter Lorre as Smiley
Denholm Elliott Photo
Denholm Elliott as Oliver Larker
Diana Dors Photo
Diana Dors as Winifred Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton4 / 10


In Spain, touring birdwatcher Denholm Elliot and local cab driver Peter Lorre investigate a murder plot focused on beautiful Beverly Bentley. Jack Cardiff directs like he's shooting one of the beautiful travelogues he had done twenty years earlier.

Reviewed by ksf-26 / 10

interesting but not great. P Lorre, D Elliott.

Scent of Mystery, which is also known as Holiday in Spain. Stars Denholm Elliott and the talented but mysterious Peter Lorre. at the beginning, the card tells us we're going to see the original Smilebox version. wikipedia dot org shows us that this is a curved version of letterbox filming, where the camera tries to show things from the viewers point of view, curving around the viewer. then we spend a lot of time, as the butterfly flies over Spain. Elliott is "Larker", the writer who has created mystery stories about his private eye. and Lorre is his taxi driver. i guess because he's a mystery writer, he thinks he is caught up in a local incident, and they drive all over Spain following Mrs. Jordan (Beverly Bentley, who was married to writer Norman Mailer). and of course, we end up in Pamplona, during the running of the bulls. at one point, Peter Lorre even jokes about being in Casablanca years ago, stealing someone's wife. it kinds of plods along, as the story and the taxi tires go flat. a couple plot twists and turns, as Larker tries to help save the attractive young lady. Directed by Jack Cardiff, who won for Black Narcissus. and one of only three films produced by Mike Todd junior. (his dad, Todd senior had invented several filming techniques, before passing away a couple years back. and was married to Liz Taylor.) this adventure is like a slow, low-budget north by northwest. The best part of this film is the scenery! beautiful mountains, castles, views of Spain.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

sides are more interesting

Englishman Oliver Larker (Denholm Elliott) is on vacation in Spain. He doesn't speak the language. He hires taxi driver Smiley (Peter Lorre). He thinks that he has stumbled upon a murder attempt on an unknown blonde woman.

This movie apparently came with a few gimmicks. It had Smell-O-Vision system and shown in Cinerama. I just simply watched it on TCM. While it maintained the curved picture, the smells can't be transferred. It's still interesting to see Peter Lorre at the end of his career. It's also interesting to see old Spain. I love the locations and the real people. The best scene may be the running of the bulls and it's nothing more than a traffic jam to the story. It was probably interesting to have the smells. There is a lot of interesting stuff other than the main story. I would also prefer to have less narration. This is better as a travelog.

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