The Scent of Rain & Lightning


Action / Drama / Mystery / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright85%
IMDb Rating5.010891

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Maika Monroe Photo
Maika Monroe as Jody Linder
Maggie Grace Photo
Maggie Grace as Laurie
Justin Chatwin Photo
Justin Chatwin as Hugh Jay Linder
Will Patton Photo
Will Patton as Senior
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

Who do you think did it?

Billy Croyle is being commuted from prison for the crime of murder. The reason is given as "something to do with his son." Don't dwell on it. He was found guilty of killing a Linder couple. Jody Linder, the surviving daughter is upset. However we quickly discover, as does Jody, that Billy may be innocent. Billy is an uncouth drunk who everyone says belongs in jail, and "some folks" claim he is innocent, although jail is a good place for him.

Jody Linder puts on her Nancy Drew persona and digs into the past in a film filled with flashbacks that are sometimes confusing. The film is not "Winterbone" but has plot similarities. Worth a view if you think you would like a western mystery.

BTW that scent is ozone.

Guide: F-word. Brief sex and brief nudity.

Reviewed by omendata3 / 10

Give it a fancy name and hope audiences will be fooled!!!

Truly awful film.

Dull , dazed and confused I was just like the script and the acting. So slow and dull its not even worth spending an iota of time reviewing.

Maika Monroe cannot act and the lack of characterization made it worse. Give it a fancy name but you cannot polish a turd I am afraid!

Reviewed by mhuseman-202551 / 10


The movie stinks. I can't stand the back and forth business with no explanation as to what is going on. There were constant flashbacks to the past like we are supposed to know who all the characters are. It started at the beginning and we hadn't even gotten to know the present characters so that makes it frustrating and confusing. The entire movie goes back and forth. The lead character's trying to figure out who murdered her parents years ago but she never comes to a conclusion; she seems to give up altogether towards the end. What was the point? We never find out 'who done it!" I can't stand movies that don't have a conclusion.

Another thing I didn't like is the filming technique "shaky-camera syndrome" and it was so random. Too bad no one on the movie making staff had the guts to tell the director he did a terrible job of trying to tell a story and that he omitted 99% of the answers.

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