Saturday Fiction

2019 [CHINESE]

Drama / History

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Tom Wlaschiha as Saul Speyer
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Li Gong as Yu Jin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincentedte9 / 10


When it comes to good spy movies, there are more than i can count. The genre is big and people love it. Saturday Fiction is a very special type of movie in this genre. I was lucky enough to see this movie at the very first screening at the Venice Filmfestival. Critics didn't like the movie, but i loved it. The movie tells the story of a young actress, who is working for the Allies to collect informations about the Japanese. When she is coming to 1941-Shanghai, she has a special mission... I don't want to give away to much plot at this point, because the story is beautiful narrated and is the most enjoyable by watching it yourself. The movie has beautiful and artistic cinematography and is far far away from the mainstream spy genre. You have multiple characters, which are well developed (at least the main characters) and the story is tricky and feeds with nice little twist. The acting(especially Gong Li) is phenomenal and the music fits perfectly. For me it is one of the most perfectly balanced movies i have ever seen. It is never trying to be super creativ or super artistic. It stays true to himself, tells a interesting story in a perfect way and it will suck you into the story and blows your mind with the third Act, in which all the tension building up going to be set free in one of the most thrilling movie finals i have ever seen. A must-see for fans of asian movies and arthouse movies.

Reviewed by j_movie7 / 10

Some feelings

I wanted to wait until the big screen to see the real face, but I had to watch the online version in advance because I had to prepare for the interview. It's a pity. It must be a film worthy of second brush, and the appearance may be improved after second brush. For the first time, I mainly focused on Gong Li's performance. Just a while ago, I just completed the "big red lantern hanging high", which can clearly see Gong Li's transformation in performance in the past 30 years. Gong Li's Song Lian is just Song Lian, while Gong Li's Yu pansy has unique characteristics and integrates its unique character and characteristics. Although there are few lines, the only remaining firmness among the mole ants in the great era has been accurately interpreted by Gong Li, which may also be related to Gong Li's more transparent life. I think this is not only Yu pansy's story, If Gong Li returned to the troubled times, she might make the same choice. However, Lou Ye's works in recent years are not excellent.

Reviewed by qeter7 / 10

This movie sucked me in.

Seen at the Viennale 2019: A handheld camera cannot get closer to acting people. Always in the face it is near impossible to get a helping overview for the espionage story. Who is for the Chinese, who for the Japanese, who for the Germans, the French, the US? Nearly impossible to understand why somebody is doing something. The b/w-pictures do not help to distinguish between all the unfamiliar faces. Since digital cameras can record even without proper lighting the pictures are not b/w like in the old movies, but grey in grey - that does not help to recognize the faces in every situation either. At the end of the movie it is somehow clear who was on which side. Looking at the picture a second time to understand all the details of the story? Nay.. but the movie is rescued sensationally by a hundred percent believable acting of all the cast. Not for one second there is any weakness in dragging you in. For the regular Cineast a must-see.

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