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Reviewed by sddavis638 / 10

A Worthy Addition To Anyone's List Of Easter Movies To Watch

I really liked the perspective of this movie. It's told largely through the eyes of a Roman tribune, Clavius - played by Joseph Fiennes. As the movie opens, Clavius is leading Roman soldiers in battle against a group of Jewish zealots led by Barabbas. Immediately after, he's sent by Pilate to oversee Jesus' crucifixion and then, after the body disappears and rumours of Jesus' resurrection begin to spread, Clavius is sent to find out the truth- specifically, to find Jesus' dead body to put an end to this nonsensical story that has the potential to be a real nuisance to the Romans. This was a different kind of take on the Easter story. It's told through skeptical eyes rather than through eyes of faith. It's mostly believable. It makes sense to me that the Romans would want to investigate these claims of resurrection. From a Christian perspective it's a stark reminder of how small and seemingly weak the original Jesus movement was - scattered, frightened disciples under constant threat, but increasingly emboldened by the growing realization of what had happened. Fiennes was very good as Clavius - a Roman who obviously doesn't believe in Jesus as the Messiah or in his resurrection but who finally has a dramatic experience when he discovers the disciples in the upper room. It was interesting to have Clavius form a sort of partnership with the disciples - sharing their journey to Galilee and experiencing the risen Christ along the way, to the point at which you'd have to say that he was converted. Jesus (or Yeshua as he was called in the movie) was played by Cliff Curtis. Yeshua's dialogue was somewhat limited (what was important in this context was not his words, but others' experience of him) but I did like Curtis' take on Yeshua. Yeshua came across as jovial and good natured; humble and compassionate. Strangely in a movie about the Easter event, Yeshua wasn't central enough to the story for Curtis' performance to rank among some of the fine actors who've played Jesus over the years, but given the limitations of the role in this movie I thought he did well.

The basic concept (inserting a Roman tribune among the disciples) means that there were several liberties taken with the biblical story. There was, for example, a healing miracle performed by the risen Jesus - but there's no record of such a healing in the New Testament. The movie also (and unnecessarily) buys into the wholly inaccurate portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. I saw no reason for that except perhaps that it gave an opportunity to insert some humour when Clavius burst into an establishment and asks the men inside "who knows Mary Magdalene?" - to which all the men put up their hands. OK. A quick laugh perhaps, but hardly worth perpetuating the false portrayal in my opinion. For the most part, though, the basics of the biblical Easter story were maintained, and the crucifixion story - while not as graphic as in, say, The Passion Of The Christ, was respectfully shown and appropriately difficult to watch.

Two other scenes that stood out to me as especially dramatic were one of the guards at the tomb explaining to Clavius what happened at the moment of resurrection with a mixture of shock, terror and wonder, and also the moment that Clavius burst through the door of the upper room to find the disciples but also coming face to face with the risen Yeshua - whom he knew was dead.

I liked the setting of the movie. It seemed very authentic to the time period and geography. Overall, this was a very well done movie, and for those who have a play list of sorts of movies they like to watch at Easter, this is probably deserving of a place on that list. (8/10)

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

A police investigation, what happened to the body?

If you are believer than you have to envy Joseph Fiennes playing a Roman Tribune who was the first outsider to witness the seminal event of human history, the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension into heaven. In fact the story of Risen which is a film about something I always wanted to see made is done from the Roman point of view.

Although when Jesus was crucified the Emperor Tiberius had absolutely no intention to leave the Isle of Capri where he had given himself over into all manner of debauchery (see I Claudius) it's an impending visit that is the reason for Judean Governor Pontius Pilate's concern. It's why for instance he ordered the arrest and trial of a former carpenter turned itinerant preacher named Yeshua in Hebrew. As Pilate Peter Firth puts Fiennes and his new assistant Tom Felton in charge.

It is known that this Yeshua predicted in three days that he would arise from the dead, some precautions are taken and the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea is opened by some magic and there's no body there. That starts what in effect is a police investigation with the Romans reaching out to their usual group of stoolies like any police force does. For Fiennes eventually he finds some real proof positive.

The Gospels aren't very clear as to the events of the next few weeks. I recall that it is said that Jesus just hung out with his disciples, was seen by a few witnesses, what we would call unconfirmed sightings as per the authorities who were the Romans. In this film Cliff Curtis as Jesus even heals a leper on the shores of the sea of Gallilee before his ascension.

For any who are expecting grand pageantry like King Of Kings or The Greatest Story Ever Told this ain't the film to seek it. Curtis is quite the workingman, dressed like a carpenter or any other tradesman would be of the time. This is a man who hung out with fishermen and a lowly bureaucrat in Matthew. No white raiment for this interpretation of Jesus. It's only when he heals the leper and at the end makes the ascension to heaven that you know he's special. In fact compare this film's interpretation of that event with Max Von Sydow in The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Risen is a well crafted piece of cinema with Fiennes as our witness/protagonist giving a great performance. Risen will do well in more than the Christian film circuit.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

different side of familiar tale

Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) is a Roman military Tribune in 33 AD Judea. He puts down a rebellion by Barabbas. After the latest crucifixion, rumors spread that a man named Yeshua (Cliff Curtis) is set to rise again. Pilate (Peter Firth) assigns Clavius and his aide Lucius (Tom Felton) the task of investigating the impossible tale.

It's always nice to take a different spin on familiar iconic stories. This is one of the most iconic. It starts with Barabbas as a heroic rebel leader. While that's part of Biblical tradition, I like more the other interpretation of him as a lowly murderous bandit. It just makes the injustice of the pardon greater. The heroic version irked me while watching this. There are bits of good biblical yarn. It's not anything earth shattering. It's a nice and easy religious film.

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